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01-26-04, 09:25 AM
Sorry, just thought there were not enuf 'pro' nvidia threads around nowerdays so i thought id living the board up a bit with a PRO-NV title ;)

Anyway, far from being some sort of :fanboy: FANboyish :fanboy: rant like u were prolly expecting, just finnished upgrading a system (well its in the post).

As with most people jumping on the latest 64bit CPU bandwaggon i wanted to try out some of the Linux AMD64 distros and also some of Microsoft's 64bit beta's (I ordered a copy of 2k3 64bit extended edition yesterday :D). Well as a 9800pro owner i was devistated when i discoved that ATI were not planning any kind of releses until a 'consumer' 64bit OS ships.... which means even then we can look forward to a bug riddled release. Seems silly to sling them together and hope it all goes ok on the big day. Hmmm anyway NVIDIA are sitting smug offering drivers for just about everything on their site (XP 64, Win2k3 Server 64, Linux 64) so i had to make a hard choice and drop the 9800p and ordered a 5900. Just awaiting its arrival (along with the rest of my parts).

So something NVIDIA are doing right then, CRACKING job on driver support. Hat's off to em. :D (salute)

01-26-04, 10:05 AM
Indeed - and it is important to a) tell them that's what you want and b) tell the partners that. The NF3(-250) (as well as a high-end consumer platform) will also be seen as a low-end server platform.... the requests have been made and 64bit linux will be supported - how much support depends on you guys and what you request :afro2:

01-26-04, 10:38 AM
I bet they still have fixed that incompatability between my pentium 3s onboard ess sound and direct draw hardware acceleration (gives distorted sound) on a gf2mx :p

They fixed it in the 21.81 drivers and broke it again in the 27xx+ driver

01-26-04, 02:14 PM
Originally posted by RobHague

So something NVIDIA are doing right then, CRACKING job on driver support. Hat's off to em. :D (salute)

I agree,nvidia has excellent driver support.unlike other companies,which
will go unmentioned... :D