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01-26-04, 01:37 PM
From a 5600 Ultra V2 to a 5900 nu would I really feel the difference?

I mean will my games run a bunch better or will I have a hard time telling the difference?

I know many of the bench marks show a difference but I am not looking for big benchmark number just fast flowing games. :D

01-26-04, 01:42 PM
DEFINATELY. If the 5900XT/SE which is lower in bandwidth(2.8ns vs 2.2ns ram on 5900NU) easily whoops the 5700U(which is far more powerful than the 5600U Rev2) in all benchmarks and games, the 5900NU will easily feel better and smoother.

01-26-04, 02:25 PM
The 5900NU solidly whoops the 5700 Ultra. The difference between the 128-bit 5600/5700 cards and the 256-bit 5900 is what will make the most difference, especially once you throw FSAA and aniso into the mix.

A 5900 absolutely will be an upgrade over a 5600.

01-26-04, 05:08 PM
One thing to remember also, is that the CPU plays a big part in alot of games, and you may not see any real difference. Example, RacenShield depends alot on the cpu, I could run the game @1280*1024 on my gf3, I now do the same on my 5900XT. FPS are about the same, the difference is now I can play with FSAAx4 + 8xAF @1280*1024, and the game is still 50+ fps with v.1.51.

01-26-04, 08:46 PM
Depends on what settings and resolution you're currently using. To be honest, I don't think going from even a GF3 and above to a better card would be very noticable if you only play at 1024x678 without AA or Aniso. However, if you're currently using at least 2xAA/lvl2 Aniso or higher res (1600x1200), then you'll probably see a difference when you upgrade to an FX5900. If you're currently GPU limited from using high AA/Aniso/Resolution, then you can probably expect roughly double performance from an FX5900.