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01-29-04, 07:58 PM
- 2x256 Mushkin PC2700 (512mb total)
- WD 80GB HD
- EpoX 8RDAI nforce2 mobo
- Athlon XP 2400+ (will oc to 166fsb then see how far multiplier takes me)
- 9600XT 128MB

I can only spend $430 and all this falls right at $429 shipped. I am buying next week, so if I can swing a 5900NU instead of the 9600Xt I will. I am building the rig mainly for FS2004, hence the priority on ram and processor over a faster card.

Whaddya all think?

I wanna be able to run anything at 1024x768 with some decent aa/af settings.

01-29-04, 08:57 PM
What is the 9600XT gonna cost ya? (So we know what to hunt for... ;) )

01-29-04, 09:07 PM
Originally posted by digitalwanderer
What is the 9600XT gonna cost ya? (So we know what to hunt for... ;) )

$160 shipped. :D

01-29-04, 09:17 PM
11x200 is definitely not out of the question... :)

01-29-04, 09:23 PM
If you want to save yourself even more money, get an Athlon 1700+ Thoroughbred-B. Those procs are almost guaranteed to get you a 200 fsb without any trouble at all.

I also would switch to a different motherboard brand. I've heard mixed reviews about EpoX. I would trade off for an Abit NF-7 (NF7-S if you need Serial ATA and Soundstorm). Same overclocking ability and generally better reliability, at least from my own experience.

01-29-04, 09:37 PM
from what I've heard the newer revs of the 8RDA series are pretty solid...

01-29-04, 09:41 PM
Originally posted by dohcmark8
$160 shipped. :D
Dang! Good price, it'll be a challenge... :cool:

01-29-04, 11:16 PM
I know that it's probably out of your price range given the budget for the rest of the system, but I'd really consider 1GB (2x512MB) of memory.