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bah, I figured it out, it's a 3.0...

How does this compare to the Logitech Z-Series for FPS gaming?

(heh, I'll have an old edition Razer Boomslang in my hands next week as well... gonna put em to the test...

While on the subject, I actually wanna BUY (omg:rolleyes:) a mousing surface... not an expensive one, just something better than my ancient excuses for mousepads... Any recommendations?

... and feel free to inform me on your opinions of these mice compared to others... I'm no mouse fanboy :p

01-29-04, 10:53 PM
Yup, I was just about to say thats a good ol 3.0 :)

And yes, an MX500, 700, or 900 is the best mice on the face of the planet.... 900 DPI of pure lovin:D

As for a mousepad, I'm a big FPS player, so I guess I'm pretty big on pads... umm yea...
Anyways I've owned both a RatpadzGS, and a Funcpad.. (www.ratpadz.com) (www.func.net) and also a mouse bungee... (www.mousebungee.com) I've also played around with my friends Everglide, and I must say, the Ratpadz kicks the ass out of all of them. The feel is PERFECT. Smooth, yet precise.. I love mine. Good price too;)

The Baron
01-29-04, 11:13 PM
I wonder if I could fit a Ratpadz on my desk. Probably not; oh well. Next year.

01-30-04, 07:03 AM
Originally posted by ragejg
While on the subject, I actually wanna BUY (omg:rolleyes:) a mousing surface... not an expensive one, just something better than my ancient excuses for mousepads... Any recommendations?

I'll sell you my fUNC surface for $12 shipped. Please PM if interested (thing goes for $20 at most online shops).

BTW, your mouse is an Intellimouse 2.0. I used to own that exact same mouse, and now it's at work for my parents' PC. The Intellimouse 3.0 had much smaller thumb buttons than the ones pictured here. :)

For current mice, I'd say stick with the MX500 or 700. The more I'm testing the 900, the more I'm not liking it. It's slower/jumpier than the 700. I've done a bit of research and found out that the MX900 only polls at about 76-85 Hz, whereas the 700 polls at more than 120 Hz. I'm definitely going back to the MX700, but unfortunately I have to wait until tomorrow to make the switch. :(

01-30-04, 06:52 PM
Well I'm not gonna buy another mouse for a while... gonna pit the Boomslang 2000 against the Intellimouse for a while and see which one does the best in the games I've been playing lately... and give the loser to my GF's pc.

And Sat, I'll send you a pm shortly... I'm gonna try the funcPad and a RatzPadzGS... once again, the loser will go to mah GF's pc...

...which actually will have nice components for a system with the following priorities:

1. Photoshop
2. Scanning
3. Printing
4. Surfing
5. basic Java gaming
5. LAN gaming

KT266a, 512mb samsung, 1700 @ 1.91, 180fsb, 80gb HD, MAYBE a 5600 Personal Cinema...

My HTPC is gonna be Barton/nforce2 based this year, and my daughter's setup will be an SDRAM Tbird 1.33/GF3 setup...

ok, back on the mouse subject (sorry for the OT blabber)...

Boomslang vs intellimouse
Which one do you ppl think will offer a better experience??


I almost forgot...

I'm getting a REAL cordless mouse this year... ...um, I want no line of sight restriction, and all I want is for it to at least feel a LITTLE better than the AOpen corless ball mouse supplied with the cordless package I bought a year ago for my HTPC...

I need around 12 ft of range (I have a mouse pedestal next to my la-z-boy)...

01-30-04, 11:14 PM
Actually, the fUNC ain't for sale any more. I've finagled a way to get it to fit on my desk with the Logitech MX duo keyboard. That surface + MX700 = mousing heaven. :D

01-30-04, 11:17 PM
D'oh+Gah+Grrr+Bah!!! :p

02-01-04, 06:04 AM
Are you sure that is a v3.0? The v3.0 AFAIK has thiner side buttons, and the mouse accually has a slicker shape. The mouse in that pic, is the same as what Im using, which is the very first Intellimouse that came to market, so I guess is v1.0 :) btw, the v3.0 should have the version written on the underneath, where as the v1.0 doesnt. Anyways, I love this mouse, I have 0 problems with this mouse and like it better than the v3.0 (which I bought my brother inlaw) just dont use the latest drivers with it, so you program the extra buttons ;)

02-01-04, 01:41 PM
Actually its an Intellimouse 2.0 like Sat said. Been through a few of those, still have a 3.0 lying around somewhere.