View Full Version : Tbird + Ddr333

10-01-02, 06:24 AM
Regarding the usefulness of T-Birds...

Can a 1.2-1.5 T-Bird realistically take advantage of DDR333 (underclocked @ 140-160 (280-320) for use on KT266A)? Is there a memory address method used by the XP that makes it more worth it?

I know my system runs efficient right now (9230 3dmarks) but I'm interested in trading my 256mb PC2100 for 512 of 2700. Maybe it should wait till I get an XP 2100??

And NO, I don't want to trade in my KT266A (7VTXE+) until the XP 2600 and 1gb RAM is a slow machine. I like Gigabyte.

10-01-02, 06:32 AM
Tbird shouldn't have too many problems taking advantage of the bandwidth of DDR333 as long as you overclock the FSB. but anyway, the best way to ensure that the memory is being used is to benchmark, benchmark, benchmark :D