View Full Version : Call of Duty 1.2 Patch broke

01-30-04, 07:07 PM
Seems the Call of Duty patch is a bit crap.. Cant find valid installation on my machine, and loads of other ppl get the same thing.. :mad:

Even the ones that managed to get it installed says it lags the game right up, with loads of player warping.. doh.. :rolleyes:

01-31-04, 07:09 AM
lucky i havnt install yet:angel: :afro2:

01-31-04, 07:58 AM
no problem here... still need to update my linux server to 1.2...

01-31-04, 12:49 PM
Did you install COD to the default directory morrow? Where did you run the patch from? I even tried running it from the COD directory (d:\games\callofduty) but no luck.

01-31-04, 03:35 PM
My CoD copy is installed in "D:\Call Of Duty" and I ran the patch from D:\.

I now also updated my linux server and everything runs flawlessly and after checking some gaming forums I can't find anything about problems updating CoD.

It might not help but maybe reinstalling the complete game will solve your problem. Do you have any other mods, blood patches installed? My CoD copy is free of anything.

01-31-04, 03:39 PM
Theres loads of threads in the official IW forum about patch problems.. not many ppl say they cant install it, but a few do.

Some ppl even tried re-installing the game, then found they couldn't do that either. My bro had the same problem with Splinter Cell under win98.. it just wouldn't install for some reason, or when it did install finally it wouldn't detect the run CD..

I dont have any COD mods installed, guess I'll have to just re-install it and see what happens..

Apart from Steam ( :D ) this is the 1st game problem I've ever had IIRC.

Hmm actually I think I know the problem.. I formatted windows but never re-installed COD (different drive) so the registry prolly has no knowledge of it..

Still lame.

01-31-04, 06:21 PM
Glad I always wait to patch until the no-cd patch for the patch comes out. :)

01-31-04, 08:18 PM
I can hardly play the game. Too much player warping and lag in MP. Half the time I get disconnected or timed out for no reason. Patch blows the big one.

02-01-04, 09:39 AM
I ran a 8 player server off my machine while playing and it ran great to my surprise, at least that's what the other 7 players said. :thumbsup: After hearing/reading all the bad comments about the patch, I think I will just have to stay away from it... far away until things are addressed. :(



02-01-04, 09:51 AM
patch installed fine here, i have cod installed on C:\Games\CoD\ and i ran the patch from me desktop.

i have the uk edition of the game.

the patch itself is fine imo, i have not noticed any player warping in mp, and there is a load less bunnies on the servers now :)

02-01-04, 01:31 PM
I dont know about Player warping, although i have been getting annoying lag lately (my connection can be funny somedays though)

Im really really dissapointed with the patch, They tried to hard to fix gameplay they made it worse. For one thing, i have shot a real sniper rifle before and you dont need to take your eye out of the scope to **** the gun in-between shots, i mean you need to when reloading, but not going through your clip, another thing is the random aim when you go in the scope, i mean cmon If im looking at someone and click scope, its retarted when the aim jumps 10feet in one direction. Making one of those changes to the snipers would of been okay, but not both, it makes using the gun just annoying.

The other is bunny hoping, because of a bunch of whiners out their everytime you come down from jumping your player trips on his own feet, what if your trying to jump over something while someone is shooting at you, if you miss the jump the first time your dead now because were all a bunch of cluts's now when it comes to jumping.

These changes are so bloody annoying i dont even want to play this game anymore.

02-01-04, 03:20 PM
about the sniper, they have said there is a bug when going from unscoped to scope where the scope will not be aiming anywhere near what it was to start off with, as for the having to stop looking down scope to reload the chamber maybe they had to do that with those rifles in ww2?

and for the bunny thing just practice ur jumps then it wont be a problem

02-01-04, 04:01 PM
RE-installed and working fine now..

Yeah the sniper scope pees me off now too.. you see some bloke far off, you line up, switch to scope, and then have to spend several seconds working out where the hell you're looking now.. *boom* already dead.. ffs.

Its crap.

02-01-04, 05:50 PM
i rarly play on my home turf due to me clan being overseas :P i am always playin with a 270 ping and doin it without probs.. patch hasnt affected me really at all.. and as for warping.. none.. ya prob gettin that from packet loss to a server..

02-01-04, 06:09 PM
I reinstalled the patch and the player warping is gone now. That's the good news. Bad news is that the game crashes sometimes when I join a game. Gets annoying having to alt ctrl del out and shut off the process when it hangs.