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10-01-02, 02:52 PM
Reading several reviews of Athlon XP2800+ and nforce2 mobo I've come to a few conclusions.

There are quite a bit of inconsistencies because neither the mobo or processor are final versions. So hopefully things will only get better.

1.- From what I can see the nforce2 works much better with synchronous FSB/mem speed. As the Athlon xp2200 is slower using pc2700 than pc2100

2.- Dual channel DDR does increase performance (at last). nvidia learned from its mistakes and finally made its dual channel perform as expected.

3.- It does work with 2 sticks of pc3200 memory albeit with very slow timings.

4.- Its fast, really fast, and by the time it comes out it may be the fastest chipset.

5.- It seems to be optimized for 166mhz fsb operation, as I've seen that when running at 133fsb it only performs as fast as the KT333.

6.- It does work with the Radeon 9700.

Hmmm it seems Santa is gonna be very busy this christmas...
Getting a nforce2/XP2800+/nv30 combo looks very attractive.

10-02-02, 08:07 PM
yes...yes it does

10-03-02, 06:06 AM
Agreed. The benchies at Hard|OCP blew me away when I read them. Finally, it looks like the killer combination to go against Intel. Now if we could only GET the 2800+ and the nForce2 we'd all be happy :)

10-03-02, 08:44 AM
It's gonna be the hottest thing since sunburn! Yeehaw! :D LOL

10-03-02, 11:35 AM
Did you hear?

AMD paper launched the pin hamer 10000+, should be available to OEMs in 1Q 2008, and in quantity in Q2 2008.

Jokes aside, this is what AMD needs, and I hope their financial woes don't bugger the whole thing up. I was looking at going back to Sintel as AMD didn't offer anything to compete with the pentium, but this has changed my outlook. My only worry is price, as the new Althons seem at bit more pricy than of late, but then they do need the revenue.

10-04-02, 01:04 AM
nForce 2 comes late October, early November probably. Beta boards then. Prototypes now. Go read the hardocp article for a description of how bad they were. You actually think that motherboards that early in prototyping will be suddenly bugfree by the end of the month? Maybe. I wouldn't bet on it, particularly with MSI and Asus being the prime candidates for first board releases. MSI and Asus don't exactly have stellar reputations for QA these days (Asus P4S8x for instance, the Asus P4T533 (32bit RDRAM) and the original MSI nForce board, original MSI KT266 (no freaking A) board, or most MSI boards). So you expect these two companies who now live by the release it now, BIOS fix it a dozen or so times to resolve any customer complaints... to be your premier AMD savior! Well, somehow, I doubt it. Abit might come out with a darling, but it'll be a month later than the Asus and MSI, if they follow their typical pattern. A month or more is the norm for Abit on such things. So late November anyone?

As for the AMD Athlon XP 2800+, AMD has already as good as said that its not coming in quantity until next year. This does not bode well for AMD since the 2800+ did not crush the P4 2800, but simply traded shots with it. When the 3.06 with hyperthreading (provided it is truly fixed as anand said) and Granite Bay (dual DDR), it may well crush the Athlon XP 2800+ like a bug in performance. It will be hella expensive, though. Yet expensive is better than nonexistent.

If you were to ask AMD a couple of weeks ago about the AMD Athlon XP 2600+ and 2400+ which were "launched" two months ago, they would have said... "Out in limited quantities." Which means nonexistent.

AMD needs more than a press release, a few reviews of a vaporCPU and a beaucoup of previews of a motherboard still being ironed out. They need Hammer or Barton and all they've got are stopgaps.

Well, Intel's not kidding around these days. C1 cores are pushing P4's up to 3200 eventually. C1 cores are going to be migrated into the low end (1.8A, 2.26B) overclockers. Imagine the memory bandwidth when combined with an overclockers Abit GB7. Before you say it, yes these things are unreleased. But so is the 2800+ and nForce 2.

I really like AMD and I hope they pull through this mess they've dug themselves into. But focusing so wholeheartily on Hammer when the present day is what makes money enough to get to htat rosey future. Reminds me of what killed Aureal (that and Creative's suing practices).

In other news, I have a P4 on the way after seeing the absolutely disappointment in the nForce 2 (early beta, unstable, various vendors having issues and of those vendors... unreliable ones) and the stark lack of any XP 2800+ anytime in the near future. I was hoping to invest in Hammer. Now, I invest in the Dark Side instead. Maybe Hammer will be ready for me next year.

10-04-02, 04:14 AM
dual channel DDR isn't coming this year from Intel. 3.06GHz P4 is.

that being said, the 2600+ still isn't available! this does not bode well.

10-04-02, 05:46 AM
personally, the kind of prices the high end stuff is at, I can't say I care. Lookin at a 2200+ right now as my target...

10-04-02, 06:48 AM
Originally posted by StealthHawk
dual channel DDR isn't coming this year from Intel. 3.06GHz P4 is.

that being said, the 2600+ still isn't available! this does not bode well.

its available, just not to joe public.

10-04-02, 09:38 AM
You can find one or two vendors on Pricewatch that have the 2600+....

I just wish Newegg would get them in....


10-04-02, 05:22 PM
Originally posted by pelly
You can find one or two vendors on Pricewatch that have the 2600+....

I just wish Newegg would get them in....


i don't see the 2600+ listed on pricewatch. they might be taking preorders or something?

either way, i find it highly disturbing that AMD would launch yet another CPU when the previous launched CPUs still aren't available