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02-02-04, 06:54 PM
not really selling anything here just wanted to let you all know that office max has WESTERN DIGITAL 120GB HARD DRIVE'S WITH 8MB CACHE'S after rebates for $49.99........
originally 129.00
- 50.00 mfr's rebate(mail in)
-30.00 office max rebate(mail in)
total $49.00 after mail in rebate's
if they have none in stock at your local store ask them for "rain check" on the item

last week i got the western digital 80gb special edition with 8mb cache (after all rebate's) for $19.99 from officemax,but im on the raincheck list,which is still just as good as in my hand. that is why im posting this info , incase anyone wants/needs to grab a 120gb at this great price. offer ends 2-7-04


02-02-04, 08:28 PM
Wow, not bad at all. That's about how much I got my 120 gigabyte 8mb cache Maxtor drive for at the Best Buy day after thanksgiving sale. That's an amazing deal, an that 80 gigabyte drive is an even better one (just think: you could raid 2 of them and get 160 gigabytes of data at insane speed for only $40!).

Just remember, if they don't have any in-stock and you get a rain-check on it, the rebates might not be valid by the time you get the drive.

02-02-04, 08:59 PM
they have to extend the rebates for rain check's, or just ring out at cash register for the rebated price, once your item is available in the store ,
from what the manager's told me, either way you'll get it for the rebated price, if you do a raincheck.
manager's told me both rebate's would be valid, even though you get it as raincheck and the sale's slip has different date then original 1 week sale date's....trust me i went through a lot of talking to managers to see if both rebates are gonna work, because i am still waiting for my raincheck of the 80gb/8mb cache drive

02-02-04, 09:42 PM
Nice prices. Too bad I'm not at all starving for hard drive space. LOL

The Baron
02-02-04, 10:12 PM
Ahhhhh. Officemax. I got like 50 DVD-Rss for $20 a couple of weeks ago.