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02-06-04, 03:56 AM
Hey everyone, I'm buying computer parts soon... and I will post here the parts... but my question is: if your motherboard supports up to 3200 (ddr 400) does that mean you cant have like pc3500 or pc4000 memory? And, will it be better if I have pc4000 @ 500mhz than pc3200?

Here's what I'm going to buy soon.

Motherboard: Shuttle - AN50R - nVIDIA nForce3 - Socket 754 ATX Motherboard with Audio, AGP8X, S/PDIF, IrDA, USB 2.0, FireWire, Hyper-Transport Capable, and Gigabit LAN Support.

Processor: AMD Athlon 64 3400+

I also bought 5 case fans, 3 regular (80mm) and 2 rears (60mm). Will that cool this puppy down enough?

02-06-04, 05:11 AM
For the processor.. PC3500(DDR433) is all you should consider buying up to. After that the latency penalties outweight the bandwidth advantage.. and besides you will need to overclock the processor to get any advantage at all from the extra bandwidth.

PC3200(DDR400) is the optimal choice if you aren't overclocking. It is what the system was made to run with. However, for overclocking, either low latency DDR400 (corsair xms3200LL is xms3500 underclocked with tighter timings) or DDR433 would help out a little as far as your OCing milage goes.

So, overclocking ---> PC3500
Not overclocking ---> PC3200

PC4000 is not worth is for A64 systems ATM.. as i said before the latency is not worth it.. and you likely wont be able to overclock enough to even use the bandwidth. It's a waste of money for anything other than a system that can run with a 500MHz FSB(a64's can, but that's extreme overclocking and probably not for most)

02-06-04, 06:06 AM
Originally posted by Viral
So, overclocking ---> PC3500
Not overclocking ---> PC3200

AGREED! Well put Viral

02-06-04, 02:46 PM
will that motherboard support dual channel memory? i dont even know if its compatible.