View Full Version : DVD-ROM Help!!

02-06-04, 06:22 PM
I was looking to deck my entire new system out with SATA, including a DVD-ROM drive. I have not seen any native SATA DVD or CD drives around, so I was looking to use a PATA to SATA converter.

Does anybody know of any disc drives in general that have a burst mode of Ultra DMA 5 (ATA100). That is what the converter requires??

02-07-04, 08:32 AM
SATA optical drives aren't going to be out for quite some time.

Anyway, all modes of Ultra DMA are backwards compatible with the ones that came out before so you don't need to worry about an adapter requiring a specific mode. I've never seen any drives that used ATA-100, but I'm pretty sure the Pioneer DVD-106 uses ATA-66. Though that's kinda pointless considering that you'll never see transfer speeds on an optical drive come remotely close to that. 99.9% of optical drives use ATA-33 because you just don't need anything more than that.