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02-07-04, 04:59 PM
So I've never tried any of the MMORPGs that are out but what thinking of checking one out...can any of you guys give me some feedback as to what are the good ones and what makes them good? I'm more into a roleplaying/interesting quest sort of experience than a hack and slash one.

also what are the subscription costs like? i know FF online is around 12 bucks a month, is that typical? Also, do any of them have a way to pay the subscription costs without a credit card?

02-07-04, 05:09 PM
FF online is excellent, playing the card game included more than the game though, but typically it has been 9.95-12.95 a month.

02-07-04, 06:33 PM
Well, one of the ones I've actually had fun with lately is, believe it or not, Ultima Online. It's really old, but it does have a lot of things to do and seems less like a generic hack-and-slash diablo clone like many of the MMORPGs I've played. Check it out if you want a cheap way to get into MMORPGs. And it helps that I'm playing on a free server.

Most have options to pay without creditcards, you usually get 1 month free with them and then you can add on to that with gametime cards that you buy in stores. Prices range from around $13 to $15 a month. Also, many of them have free trials, so check out Fileplanet and see what you can get.