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10-02-02, 10:51 AM
Im shopping for a UPS for my dad's company. Were looking to spend as much as 6-700$ USD.

Now we have had problems with other UPS's because we also have a Generator that we start up manualy after the power goes out, then switch the breaker so the UPS can recharge off the Generator. The problem we have had is the UPS were using now Rejects the power coming from the Generator and then dies shutting down the server that also runs Another Car Dealership's system (we have the main server at our place connected by a phone line, so if we go down, even if the other dealership has power they loose their system).

I remember hearing somewhere that their are 2 main types, ones that keep the battery charged and when the power goes out, It will switch and start using the battery, And others where the computers are Always running off the battery. Iv'e been told that when using a generator you need the kind that always run off the battery.

So whats a good one? Preferable an APC model.

10-02-02, 12:40 PM
what you need is what's called an "online" UPS, or I've heard "inline" as well, it protects you from brownouts as well, not just blackouts...I'm not sure which model you need, they have about a 1000 models there...I think they have a selector to match you up with one.
I'd also try Belkin, they have some kick ass ones, and are not as expensive as APC...I'm running with a Belkin now...

10-02-02, 02:21 PM
Thanx for reply. Actually its the Belkin one were having problems with...