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02-08-04, 07:35 PM
First of all let me note that this card has been working fine for a bit over a month. The other day while playing a game, the graphics started screwing up. There were small multicolored lines everywhere.

At first I thougt it was just the game. I found out differently when I closed the game. The desktop was effected by these evil lines as well. At this point I was only mildly concerned assuming the computer just needed a restart or something.

As soon as the restart began, the lines were there... Even the BIOS and WinXP splash screen had lines everywhere. Now these aren't lines going all the way across the screen like a bad TV reception or anything. The lines are only a couple centimeters or so. Just enough to make text on a web page barely readable.

Anyway, what I have done to fix this was first reinstalled the video drivers and made sure I had the latest. No difference...

I turned it off and let it cool for a couple hours thinking it might be overheating. Nope..

I played around with a few BIOS settings. All I changed that might have made a difference was the AGP speed from 2x to 4x. Restarted and same problem...

In the end I opened the case and made sure no fans were dead. I took out the card and replaced it with my old GeForce 4 4600TI 128mb to make sure it wasn't a MB issue. And of course now everything works fine...

So my question.. is this a known problem and does anyone have any options for me to try to fix this? Just don't tell me the card is dead after 5 weeks... :(

I have recently ordered a 550W Power Supply and a new MB/processor. The power supply order was prompted when I noticed on the System Requirments on the box said a 350W was minimum. I am using a 300W currently. Can using a power supply that is too weak hurt the card? I just assumed it would work or it wouldn't. Also the fact that it ran for 5 weeks with 0 problems makes it hard to say. If I am lucky, the problems will vanish when I replace it with this 550W power supply... We will see..

Any help would be awesome.

Thanks in advance!

Some Current Specs:
AMD 1800+ (1.5ghz)
1024mb PC2100 DDR
300W Power Supply

02-09-04, 03:45 PM
There could be a number of factors causing your problem. Have you really overclocked the card? That can eventually cause problems like artifacts and lockups. It doesn't seem to be a BIOS problem. The fact that the card worked well then suddenly went bad seems to indicate problems with the card itself. Maybe the RAM went bad on it. If you have a BFG or eVGA card, you also have a real lifetime warranty. You can RMA it and ship it back. Contact your manufacturer.