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02-10-04, 10:10 AM

Just read on everlore.com that EVGA, nvidia, and SOE have made a deal for EQ players who may need a new card when EQ goes fully DX9 in a couple of months. They're offering deals from 50 to 75 dollars off on FX 5600's to 5900U's

Check it out!

02-10-04, 11:31 AM
doesn't seem like a good deal at all, the site they want you to buy those cards from are charging way too much for those cards. So essentially they are offering a coupon to match the Newegg.com price

please correct me if I'm wrong, if you can use the coupon anywhere else like Newegg. If you can, then I'm very interested.

also, do you HAVE TO be an EQ owner?

02-10-04, 11:51 AM
Actually if you do the price check on the 5900U with the coupon code from evga you pay $361.99 shipped and at newegg you pay $378.00 shipped. And take into account that you can submit a lower priced competitor's card from newegg to evga and they'll try to match that price, THEN give you the 50 bux off... But if not, that's still 17 dollars less shopping through the evga site. And as far as I know, ya don't have to own everquest to buy the thing. I tried an order all the way up to final checkout and it all seems to go through quite well.

02-11-04, 01:54 PM
This essentially because Everquest and Sony Team are moving strictly to the API of DX 9.0. Even Original everquest will start sporting DX 9.0 in an upcoming engine update.

Anywho. Everquest has always been a very strict Nvidia game, And it does not surprise me since Sony and Nvidia have been in bed since the death og 3dfx.