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02-10-04, 09:38 PM
ok so i have an emachine with no agp slot go figure out whos idea that was anyways i just bought this neat card and pop that bad boy in get everything going and i am playing halo<life is peachy then BAM there it is,that inevitable probleM<when i zoom in with sniper or pistol its like tunnel vision real blurry,,now i here stuff about rendering and what the hell is that..noob here i dont how to oc or render anything so if anybody with any advice on how to fix my halo problem would be awesome.

02-10-04, 09:52 PM
It's a bug in the game. Everyone has problems with the sniper zoom, even ATI users. Nothing you can do but wait for Bungie/Gearbox to patch it.

02-11-04, 02:04 AM
does it look like this.. if so I believe if I can remember right, this is how the XBOX version is also.. supposed to be this way.


02-11-04, 02:22 AM
I am very interested in how you like your PCI FX5200 256 mb card? With that 256 mb memory, the card must be doing pretty good in 800x600 in Halo.

02-11-04, 02:29 AM
halo doesn't need anywhere near 256mb of video memory.

02-11-04, 06:39 AM
Originally posted by kyleb
halo doesn't need anywhere near 256mb of video memory.

nor does anything else at only 800x600 resolution :D the 256 memory is simply a marketing gimic on lower cards like the FX5200, especially a PCI version with it's lesser bandwidth

02-11-04, 09:54 AM
Isn't it supposed to be a little bit blurry? Are you talking about the entire scene or just near the edges of the scope?

02-11-04, 02:43 PM
its blurry pretty much all over the sniper....wasnt blurry at all with the geforce mx440 64mb i had in there......and the graphics are a hell of a lot better with this card..thought my computer was broke when i turned on this game pretty cool no complaints here except the scope thing......
QOUTE:its supposed to be like that"
why?i cant see the enemy clearly?
thanks for all replys

02-11-04, 02:46 PM
Originally posted by PoorGuy
I am very interested in how you like your PCI FX5200 256 mb card? With that 256 mb memory, the card must be doing pretty good in 800x600 in Halo.

yes it is like i said no complaints here totally awesome.
without the option of agp this is the best i could get i think for my money and yes the 256 part did snag my attention more memory more speed right?bigger is better

02-11-04, 04:13 PM
Not to rain on the parade awe911, but no 5200's have the capacity to do anything with that extra 128mb of memory...

The absolute slowest card that would see even a smidgen of improvement by using 256mb vs. 128mb would be an FX5800 Ultra... or a 9700 Pro... Both of these cards AFAIK do not have 256mb variants, but their direct decendants do...

and as for your notation of the difference between your GF4MX's scope view and your DX9 spec scope view... well, it's supposed to look that way... There is a bit of blur all over, even in the center area... GF4MX's and GF2ti's (and the like) running the game in fixed function mode keep the whole scope view focused looking... I can see how if you got used to that, then the DirectX8 and 9 views could be first percieved as hindersome and un-necessary...

02-11-04, 04:19 PM
I think I know the bug you're meaning, I've seen it with older Nvidia and ATi drivers, instead of seeing an image zoomed in, you just see large areas of solid colour, like you're zooming up to something that just in front of the scope. I don't have any screengrabs of it, but updating the drivers fixed it in both cases for me.


02-11-04, 05:29 PM

02-11-04, 06:27 PM
post a screenshot...

hit "print screen" while the scope is on, go to paint, hit control-v, hit select all, go to scaling and scale it to 40% horiz. and vertical, and save as a jpeg... Then post the screenshot using the "attach file" section in the post menu...

02-11-04, 07:30 PM
here u go........

ok did 40x40 but said to big anyway it does look like thaat pic up there

and i am trying to oc the chip but additional propertie tab wont open (doesnt give me the option to open what do i do to oc this chip?
geforce fx 5200 256mb pci?i am running a celeron 2.2 256mem

02-11-04, 07:50 PM
did you save it as a jpeg or accidentally specify a bmp file?

EDITED by ragejg: deleted a dumb question :p

02-11-04, 07:59 PM
3rd post from top is what it looks like

02-11-04, 08:05 PM
you can have the clear scope back (along with the game looking like it did on th eGF4MX) by adding a "- useff" after the filename in the icon's properties...

02-11-04, 08:09 PM
well seens how i am on a budget here (cough**the old lady)would i just be better off gettin a 128mb chip then if the geforce 256 realy dont mean jack?i just benchmarked this chip and i actuallt got less then i did with the 64mb gfmx440???

02-11-04, 08:13 PM
will i sacrifice any graphics because of the added command?

02-11-04, 09:11 PM
Yes, it's supposed to look "blurry" like that. It's supposed to add to the effect of actually looking through a sniper scope. And yes, selecting the "-useff" command will SEVERLY cut down the rest of the graphics quality. However, in the hardware config file I think there's a command you can use to disable the sniper scope effect alone while leaving the rest of the graphics untouched. Not sure what it is though...

02-11-04, 09:13 PM
thnx just found the site for halo rendering......why cant i oc this chip?

02-11-04, 11:44 PM
a radeon 9100 or an FX card with a (this is very important) 128 bit memory bus would help out a lot...

SOunds like the 5200 is a lemon... Can you get another card (after selling the 5200) or are you up poop creek with a terd for a paddle?

02-12-04, 02:30 AM
If anyone can find a review of FX 5200 non-ultra 64-bit 256 mb vs. Radeon 9200 SE 64-bit 256 mb I would be grateful!

:wonder: :wonder: :wonder: :wonder:

02-12-04, 03:01 AM
Originally posted by PoorGuy
If anyone can find a review of FX 5200 non-ultra 64-bit 256 mb vs. Radeon 9200 SE 64-bit 256 mb I would be grateful!

Wow, that would be like...crap compaired to dog crap :D

02-12-04, 03:17 AM
Well to say the turth getting Xbox to play Halo is best choice , either that or you need a power house to play it decently :wtf: