View Full Version : Msi Fx5900 Xt-vtd128

02-12-04, 08:38 PM
im looking for the ORIGNAL bios file for the MSI FX5900 XT-VTD128 graphics card

if anyone has this card could you please copy the bios and send it to me please


02-12-04, 10:00 PM
I have a preproduction BIOS for that card (Creative/MSI, same thing)...

I'll be backing it up shortly....

I'll send it to you when I do that...

In the meantime,, I myself am looking for a BIOS that has looser memory timings than this preproduction one... I'm sick of hitting a brick wall @ 750 with all the other 2.8ns 5900XT owners getting more favorable results... :p

Daneel Olivaw
02-13-04, 10:07 AM
Huh? I have the MSIFX5900XT

I thought all it's bioses were at the same timings?

02-13-04, 10:26 AM
diffrent bios might have diffrent timings i dont know

i need the bios for a diffrent reason

can you make a copy of your bios and send it to me Daneel Olivaw ? iam indeed in need :cool:

if you dont know how ill send you what you need

Daneel Olivaw
02-13-04, 10:28 AM
Sorry, I'm not home, there's only tomorrow that I could check into this. How could I put my MSI's bios on file? Is there a way to extract it from the card?

02-13-04, 10:45 AM
yes you need a program called x-bios editor (there may be other programs)
this can read the bios on your card and save it to disk.

i think i have found someone who can send me the bios straight away so you dont need to now but thanks anyway

02-14-04, 04:47 PM
guys, are you both basically hitting brick walls @ 750-780 on the memory with the BIOS's you've used??

If my eng. rev. BIOS does the same as the production ones, then I might as well stick with the BIOS I currently have...

Daneel Olivaw
02-15-04, 08:04 AM
I am, but I don't mind, raw clockspeed isn't so much important as performance. And beating 9800XTs and 5950U with an overclocked 5900XT at 450/750 is what I call performance. (and efficiency)

02-15-04, 01:01 PM
so... you guys's cards have a temp readout in the control panel? Mine doesn't... I'd at least like to have that feature...

Daneel, do you think you could email me your card's BIOS some time? That would be hella-cool... I'm gettin ahold of some PCI card this week so I can use nvflash for it...

and while I'm at it, I'm gonna see what we can do about increasing voltage to the ram a little... maybe a volt mod might be in order... heh, my card sure looks like it needs a volt mod :p


Daneel Olivaw
02-15-04, 07:38 PM
How can I backup my vga bios? Is there a tool on Nvidia.com?

And you seem to have the same bios I have since we got pretty much the same max clocks.

02-15-04, 11:20 PM

504/809 w00t?