View Full Version : FS: Kick Ass A64 System and Canon S400 Elph

02-13-04, 03:51 AM
Like new Canon S400 Digital Elph. Have all the original packaging and accessories... In excellent shape. Will throw in Tamrac Digital Series Camera bag with purchase.

$350 +shipping OBO

Chieftech Matrix ft retail (black)
Aerocool AeroPower II+ 550w PSU retail
Chaintech ZNF3-150 retail
Athlon 64 3400+ retail
OCZ Platinum 3500 LTD Ed. (BH-5) 256x2 retail
Gigabyte Radeon 9800 Pro 128mb retail
WD Raptor 36.4 GB SATA OEM 4+ yrs on warranty
Seagate 80Gb SATA OEM
Liteon 16x DVD OEM (black)
Liteon 48x24x48 CD/RW OEM (black)
Gyration Ultra Wireless KB/Mouse

02-13-04, 03:38 PM
Update with bad news

02-15-04, 01:25 AM
FLIBBLED: Please keep bartering (price offerings, etc.) in PMs or E-mail, please! :D