View Full Version : Two monitors for sale(15"&17") & p3 633mhz system

02-13-04, 05:53 AM
HP 15" monitor $45 shipped
Samatron 17" monitor $60 shipped

p3 633mhz system $125 shipped
40gig HD
cd rom
tnt2 agp


02-13-04, 11:03 AM
Whats the highest resolution possible with the 17"? Also what would the highest frequency be?

02-13-04, 12:19 PM
How much RAM does the P3 system have? Can the Ethernet card be removed and is the TNT card integrated or is it using an AGP slot?

02-13-04, 01:21 PM
the monitor is a samtron 75v, look up the specs on it, I never used anything but 1024x768 @85hz on it.

The p3 system I am just going to part out now. I just sold another p3 system(933mhz) and forgot to take the stick of RAM out of it that belonged to the 633mhz system:(.

Anyway parting it out..

Mobo + processor $60 shipped
40gig HD = $25 shipped
CD/CDRW = $20 shipped
Tnt2 agp = $20 shipped
Case $ 30 shipped
powersupply $15 shipped

300watt powersupply(15amp on the +12 rail) $20 shipped
This is a seperate psu from the $15 one above

Prices do not include shipping anymore..I dunno what happend but I used to ship PC's and monitors for $25 insured across the states. It was liek $40 today to do the same thing with a PC.

17" = $55 + shipping
15"= $40 + shipping

02-17-04, 02:14 AM
Is the monitor not $60 shipped anymore? If not then how much will the total be? I live in NY, zip code is 14842 if you need to figure it out.

02-17-04, 06:05 PM
to ny Ill do it for $75 shipped(17")
for the 15" to ny $60 shipped

02-18-04, 01:37 AM
u got an email!