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02-15-04, 03:54 PM
Hi, i have a nvidia Geforce4 graphics card. Its fine when just on desktop, but when i play any games etc the whole system will normally crash at somepoint. Will the forceware 53.03 driver be an ideal step in sorting this out ? The games im playing are older than the card so its not like the card shouldn't be able to handle it. However ive never updated the drivers. Is forceware 53.03 the correct driver for me ? ( am on windows XP )


02-15-04, 05:24 PM
First, your system is not stable and the crashes are the result of this instability which is probably heat related...I'm just guessing here. You need to furnish more info about your system and the exact problem you are experiencing. Newer drivers will not help.

02-16-04, 03:33 AM
Ok, my system is the graphics card mentioned, 512ddr RAM, 1.67 ghz AMD 2000+ athlon processor. MSI KT400 board ( i think ). I run windows XP pro duel booted with Linux( the problem is only occurs when on windows as ive never playted any games in Linux ). The Problem always occurs when playing games, the screen will freeze, sometimes whatever sound was being played at the time will loop and I wont beable to return to desktop, I have to reboot. Now as I said this happens whenever I play a game, and although very rare sometimes my system does deciede it wants to reboot when just on the desktop. This doesn't happen often though. I can see it could be heat related, but am unsure how to furthur narrow down the problem. Many thanks for replying


02-16-04, 12:03 PM
I would suggest removing the sound card, if you have one installed. It could be the source of your problem especially if its a SB card. SB sound cards and Via chipsets do occassionally conflict. If the board has on-board sound you could try that. Anyway, without the card try the playing the game(s) you are having problems with. If that is the problem you might try newer drivers for the card as well as using the latest Via 4in1 drivers.

If that is not the problem check the video card during gameplay by the old fashion method of touch and feel...just make sure you have discharged all static electricity or better yet use a grounding wrist strap. If the video card feels hot (it should just be warm to the touch) on the opposite side of the card from the gpu that may be the source of your problem.