View Full Version : DVD playback-TV out issue of forceware 53.03 drivers

02-16-04, 07:39 AM
My DVD playback program (powerDVD XP 4.0) doesnt work and it is all because forceware drivers 53.03. I know it because I can fix it by just reverting the drivers to an older one.

Error message indicates that I cannot watch copy protected DVDs while the tv-out function of my videocard is enabled. !!! I dont even use tv out function of my grafik card so I tried to deactivate this function but I couldnt find out how to disable tv out on forceware drivers.

Could someone please help me, my questions are:
.how do you disable tvout in forceware drivers?
.is there a way to patch powerdvd xp 4.0 since this is clearly a bug, otherwise I cannot think of a reason why you shouldnot watch a DVD movie on your TV using your PC's DVD rom?

thanks in advance,

02-16-04, 05:50 PM
I use nvdvd and I watch dvds on my pc monitor or TV with no problems whatsoever.

I have forceware 53.03 and a bfg asylum 5900

Tv-out is disabled by default on forceware drivers and you really can't enable it if you don't have a tv connected to your card, unless you use tvtool.

02-16-04, 06:06 PM
This is a known bug. Strange how it only occured now, I think the error message started to show with Dets 41.xx or so... It depends on the type/brand of TV chip on your card. If it's not Macrovision compliant (or something along those lines) you'll get this mesage everytime you'll try to watch a protected DVD. The only solution seems to be using your last working driver set. (edit : or buying a new card :D)