View Full Version : Are there any comparisons of the GeForce4 Ti 4600 to the Radeon 9700 yet?

07-28-02, 03:07 AM
I have seen some sites compareing the TI4600 to the R9700 useing percent at high resulotions and I was wondering if any compared them at 1024*768*32 like games that people play today,like Max Payne,MOA,RTCW,SOF2 if not I wonder if it is because it does'nt beat it by much when anis and AA is off.

07-28-02, 03:28 AM
Well AF and AA are the target market dude. Remember when the TNT line of cards were out they started targeting 32 bit colour for marketing in games? With the Geforce 256 it was T&L and now it's PS, VS and AF and AA.

07-28-02, 04:35 AM
the reason more in-depth reviews have not appeared is because there are no reviews yet :p the numbers that were published were made in previews, and i believe the writers themselves actually went to ATI to see demonstrations and perform tests.

reviews should start popping up in August, when the cards will supposedly be available

07-28-02, 04:39 AM
The thing I don't understand is why doesn't ATI allow publishing of actual numbers? only percent increase?

I mean, this beast is definetly more powerful than GF4 TI 4600, but why not publish numbers? They can't be ashamed of it now, can they? :p

07-28-02, 04:43 AM
drivers weren't finalized yet

07-28-02, 07:04 AM
Wheres that Geforce4 speed boost driver!!

I bet it won't happed since i bought the Geforce4 :(

07-28-02, 07:05 AM
Originally posted by Dazz
Wheres that Geforce4 speed boost driver!!

I bet it won't happed since i bought the Geforce4 :(

30.30 in conjuction with the latest Riva Tuner release = driver boost increase you're talking about :D

Look at my other thread for download link of Riva Tuner.

07-28-02, 10:31 AM
ATI has yet to offically annouce clock speeds. They are trying to hit 325 Mhz. Can you imagine the crap they would catch if they sent out cards to review sights at 325 Mhz but only hit 310 mhz for that were public?

07-28-02, 02:07 PM
I'm gonna bet that they ship at a 300MHz core. Just my speculation. All the more reason they wanted nobody to display hard benches with the sample cards clocked at 325MHz they gave to some sites. They probably didn't want to raise everyones expectations and then shock everyone by dropping it to lower core speeds at the last minute.

Not to mention the fact that the drivers are of course immature as early as they are. If ATI can ship the card at say, 325/325 with great initial driver support, the 9700 is gonna own Nvidia big time, at least till their "big gun" comes out!:)