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02-17-04, 06:35 PM
I'm having a few problems with me graphics card. I've got a 'Siluro GeForce 4 Ti4200-8X 64MB' and its messing up some of my games. Keep in mind the fact that I only use my PC for games, so I dont really know much about the card or its settings. This is what it is doing to my game:

Image 001 (http://img4.photobucket.com/albums/0803/oldmanfunk/Shot00000.jpg)

Image 002 (http://img4.photobucket.com/albums/0803/oldmanfunk/Shot00002.jpg)

This probelm occurs in the following games:

Unreal Tournament 2004 (Demo)
Unreal Tournament 2003
Max Payne 2
Max Payne
Hitman 2
TES3: Morrowind

My specs are:

Pentium 4 CPU 2GHz
GeForce 4 Ti4200 64MB (nVidia 53.03 International drivers installed)
Windows XP (including service pack 1)

NB: Everything installed on my system is legit, nothing is downloaded/leaked/stolen/whatever.

Can someone please help? Its not stopping me from playing games, but it does disrupt the experience...



02-17-04, 09:11 PM
it would help if u told us WHAT exactly is the problem, that pic doesnt really tell us specifically what the issue is

02-17-04, 09:36 PM
From the second screen it looks like you're getting some very heavy artifacting. This is caused by the video card's memory being clocked too high. Have you overclocked the video card at all? If not, it might be time to start thinking about an RMA.

02-18-04, 06:20 AM
It sort of 'pulls' the models out of themselves, it creates lots of 2D lines that stretch bits of the model across the whole map.

No I havent overclocked my system at all, like I say I dont know much about the card etc since I only use my PC for gaming.

02-18-04, 06:52 AM
Then it definitely sounds like the memory on the card is going bad. Only way around that is to replace that card. Abit is pretty good about its RMA process. When I had to return my NF7 the replacement was sent right away.

When you do get the new card, you also might want to double check the airflow in your case. Use compressed air to clean out the dust and make sure you have enough fans to keep fresh air circulating.

02-18-04, 06:55 AM
OK, thanks for your help.

02-18-04, 06:58 AM
Actually, before you RMA, is there a way you can test the card in another machine of yours (or that of a friend)? That's the only way for sure you'll know that it is indeed the graphics card and not some other component in your system.

02-18-04, 07:03 AM
Yeh, I've got an old system. I'll set that up and test it out.