View Full Version : 5900XT Overclocking

02-17-04, 07:53 PM
Does anyone have any good reviews on this card yet that show it's overclocking capability? I'm thinking of getting either a 5900XT or a 5900 non-Ultra and the 5900 seems pretty decent on the overclocking front from certain manufacturers.

02-17-04, 07:57 PM
The 5900XT has slower memory (700 MHz) than the 5900 NU (850 MHz) so if you're going to be getting one of these cards, obviously go with the latter. Further, many people here have had success BIOS flashing their 5900NU cards to 5950 Ultras, which come clocked at 475 core and 950 memory. But as with anything in overclocking, your mileage will vary. The particular card you get might not OC as well as someone else who has the exact same one.

02-17-04, 10:49 PM
Do the XTs all have memory limited to the 700Mhz though? I heard that some manufacturers were putting higher speed memory in place on those cards and underclocking the memory to keep nvidia happy. I know that overclocking is always a risky proposition and that's why I want to know ahead of time if people have had any luck with these cards. Compared to what I have now though they're even good at stock speeds. :D

02-18-04, 03:25 AM
I dont know of anyother brands, but I emailed the manufacture of my card "Point of View" about the ram specs on my card. They informed me that their first batch of 5900XTs did in fact have 2.2ns ram vs 2.8ns. My 5900XT is running at 450/950, I havent seen many XTs go that high on the ram. If the price is right, I would suggest the 5900NU, unless you are 100% sure to get a 5900XT with 2.2ns ram ;)

02-18-04, 08:16 PM
I agree with Smokey that unless your sure to get a XT with 2.2ns memory go with a 5900nu. I have a BFG 5900nu which I flashed the BIOS to the BFG 5950ultra version and got the 475core and 950 memory. My GPU temp even dropped 10 degrees F. Just look at my sig to see how much more I have OC'd the 5900. :) The problem with flashing to the ultra BIOS is people are loosing TV out becasue the vendor code is not the same. Thats why I got the 5950U BIOS from BFG and did not use any other brand. However I haven't tried the TV-out to make sure it works:angel2:
I will try it before the weekend and see if I can still watch my Divx movies on the boob tube.