View Full Version : 5700NU BIOS flash? Zoomy942 help? :p

02-21-04, 01:07 PM
hmmm, I just got this evga 5700NU, and it uses 3.6ns samsung ram, no ramsinks, and has had a 5900 cooler attached to it...

425/550 stock

autodetects to 440/595


ZOOMY942 help!!!! :D:D:D

should I try zoomy's bios?

Zoomy, does your card use 3.6ns ram?

btw, the 5900 cooler doesnt even really get warm in 3d mode...

I'm most concerned with the core increase... I'm sure we'll put ramsinks on later and be happy @ ~600...

02-21-04, 10:39 PM


27k in Aquamark3 aint too bad for a mainstream card...

And Farcry @ 10x7, everything on HIGH, using 0xaa/4xaf runs pretty nice...

I'm sure halo willl feel a bit better than on a 5600U as well...

But methinks the evga bios may limit this card a bit in the OC category...

02-22-04, 05:41 AM
Yeah BIOSes can limit overclocking, my Radeon 9800 would do 410/690MHz with the special PRO BIOS is does 410/766MHz :)

03-05-04, 06:25 PM
sorry for the latness of this! you still got that 5700?

03-05-04, 07:55 PM
nope, but i could still have access to it... when I get a better cooler for it for the owner (theres no heatspreader on that gpu, heh) ... why? What's your thoughts on teh first post of this thread, Zoomy?

03-05-04, 11:26 PM
i'm, not sure about the ram i had, but i will say that it came at a 450 speed. not 550 like yours. thats good stuff. and i threw some ram coolers on and it would go up to 690, but it seemed to enjoy 651 the most, keep that in mind. the gpu, however, came at 425, andf it would run at 561, but performance would be lower. i put a VGA iceberq pro on it and it ran at 526 as the sweet spot. i would score as an ultra all the time.

i dont hink changing the bios would to too much since you card came clocked faster than mine. but i would attack that gpu like crazy. and dont listen to the autodetect. mine said i "should" use 470/515. i say heck no to that, and obviously it was way off.

03-06-04, 11:25 AM
Hey I know this is maybe a bit off-topic, but is there any Bios for the 5700/Ultra known to improve clocks or any other improvement?

Seems like there's only one bios I can find, which is the one on the Gigabyte site and that's the one on the card already.

Any ideas?

BTW: Does the FX prefer DX9b or 8.1 for benching 3DM2k1?