View Full Version : Oil and Goosebumps not working in Dawn Ultra anymore?

02-22-04, 06:01 PM
When i first got my GF FX 5900Ultra the week it came out, i downloaded the dawn demo. the goosebumps and oily skin sliders actually did what they were supposed to then. I deleted dawn and just downloaded it again from nvidia today and now im using the 53.03 drivers to run the demo and im running the ultra version, but the oily skin and goosebump sliders dont work. is this just something that im experienceing or did nvidia delete this feature or do the new drivers not have support for it.?? i dont get it. i hope my card didnt lose the ability to put on those texture effects. im just confused. anyone have any ideas or know exactly whats going on?

02-22-04, 07:13 PM
ok i just installed old nvidia 43.something drivers the ones that came out the same time as my card and the oily skin and goosebumps work again. i ran 3dmark and got a score of 3400 or something like that. i just reinstalled my 53.03 drivers and now i get like a 6434 3d mark 2003 score, but the goosebumps and oily skin dont work in dawn??? hmm something tells me nvidia got the performance improvements in a lot of places by taking our graphics away when they didnt think we would see... hmm

02-23-04, 06:13 AM
Talk about speculation ... :rolleyes:

So your saying that nvidia disabled 'oily' skin and 'goosebumps' to increase performance?

Come on really....probably just some glitch in the drivers , now everything Nvidia does is cheating :rolleyes:

02-23-04, 09:07 AM
im not speculating. i really was wondering if it was something wrong with my card. Really though, its not like those effects werent working just now with the newest drivers, they havent been working for a while at all. i somehow doubt that soemone at nvidia hasnt caught on to it if its just a glitch if its been happening for so long in one of their own tech demos that they created