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02-24-04, 08:49 AM
Hi guys.
I've had this kind of problem for quite some time.

I'm not happy at all with the IQ on my Msi GF4 Ti4200 128DDR, the problem is that I never seem to get the right combination of brightness, gamma, contrast, etc.

It seems to be a contrast problem. My light textures seems WAY too bright and the dark ones WAY too Dark

Tuning both the driver color options and my monitor yields very little results. And belive me I'm sick of trying to tune this options. If a change much in the contrast the image looks too much "grey" to me and if I dont I got those ULTRA bright textures (so bright that I almost cant see the texture).

It seems that the problem is connected to the newer driver releases since I had not had this problem in the early days of my Computer. An may I note that it seems to have started when I used a program to tune colors that came Im my MSI card (3D! Turbo I guess. Stupid me, tried to fix what was not broken). I've tried to do clean installs of the older Drivers but It did not solve the problem.

So do you guys have any tip, program or way of fine tunnig my color settings or to restore them to their original (and long lost) glory?


02-24-04, 02:24 PM
Hmm, hard to tell if it would help, but you might want to try using Rivatuner's color adjustment settings. Though your issue is a bit strange if it started with another application messing with your color settings and the control panel doesn't fix it...but I guess trying Rivatuner can't hurt. Oh, and just to make sure did you turn off Digital Vibrance? At REALLY high levels it practically makes greyscale look like a rainbow.