View Full Version : Who's going to be buying one of the new vid cards?

02-24-04, 03:07 PM
Well the new vid cards from both Nvidia and ATI will be here pretty soon.

Who's going to get one and which one are you going to get?

I know I will be getting one but am leaving my options open at this point if it will be Nvidia's or ATI's.

I was a long time user of Nvidia cards (all the way back to TNT) but that changed when I got my first ATI card which was the 9800 Pro.

After using this card for awhile now, I have to say that I'm leaning towards going with ATI again, unless Nvidia really does something that makes me switch back to them.

Why do I say this? Well that's pretty simple. The 9800 Pro has served me very well and made my gaming experience very rewarding.

I have noticed some things since getting it. About a month ago I put in a FX 5900 in my son's computer. He's coming home soon for a 30 day leave from Iraq after serving a year there and I wanted to have his computer up and running for him.

Well I have been messing with it quite a bit, both in 2D and 3D and I have really noticed some differences. There has been much discussion and disagreement about image quality differences between the two. I can say with certainty that there sure is.

First 2D. I most certainly notice a difference between the two cards. Not many people have two computers, one with each card, where they can do stuff with both computers that will make any differences apparent. Some can disagree on this but I can say that the text quality on the ATI card is definitely better than on the Nvidia card. The text just looks clearer and cleaner. It's sort of like looking at a text page from a good printer compared to one that is not as good. Looking at one looks ok if that's what you're used to but then looking at the other, you go "dam, that just looks better".

Now 3D. All I can say is there is definitely a difference in the two cards. I'm not talking about performance, I'm talking about rendering. Again, the ATI card displays the colors more realistically. The Nvidia card puts a certain color tint to everything that just does not look as good. Of course this is my opinion (what my eyes are seeing) but it's there. I had been playing Call of Duty on my 9800 Pro for awhile. Well it came included with the 5900 so I installed it and played it. Now keep in mind when I started playing this game, my intent was just to see how well the system would play it. I was not intending to do it for a graphical comparison. But from the first scene, I was immediately struck with how much difference there was in how it looked. Generally, and in rooms especially, the colors were just different. More cartoon looking compared to the rendering of the 9800 Pro.

I can't wait for my son to come home cause I'm going to run all these differences by him to see what he says. I know he is going to see these differences cause I'm sure not making this stuff up. It will be interesting to see which one he likes best. That's always the subjective part, just what look someone prefers.

I do have issues with the 9800 Pro also. Specifically, for some reason, Nvidia cards play Lithtech engine games better. I just played Nolf 2 again and it really played crappy. Smooth until the firing of weapons happens. Then it goes almost unplayable at times. Nolf 1? Forget it. I cannot even play this game with the 9800 pro, it's just too dam jerky. I know this is a driver issue and ATI seems to have problems with Lithtech games that for now are not being fixed.

But all in all, I still like the ATI card much better than Nvidia's. Nvidia is really going to have to impress the hell out of me with their new card to get me away from ATI (if the rendering is the same but just faster, that's not going to cut it for me). ATI is just that much better.

I am not writing this to start another Nvidia/ATI flame war. I'm just expressing what I am experiencing.

For me, I could care less about the name of the card. It could just as well be Homer Simpson's card vs Lisa's. Whatever one works the best for me is the one I will get.

02-24-04, 03:14 PM
As long as either of them will not perform slower than what I have now I will be getting a NV40 in April or so. :thumbsup:

Regardless of the performance difference, I can always count on NV's drivers to operate in the older games I still enjoy and perform well in the latest. :D ATi was doing very well there as far as driver quality went, then it just seem to fall off imho. Sure it will turn around (I would think), though I rather not concern myself with that or down time. Again, this is just opinion. :)



02-25-04, 05:58 AM
nope... gonna see how Doom3 runs on my GF4TI... until then I can't find a reason to upgrade because this card still runs everything great. But a DX9 game should be the true measure of it's capabilities, and even then if it's not enough I'm more likely to get a FX5700U from the budget bin by then ;)

02-25-04, 07:04 AM
If you pay off my credit card bill, I'll switch over ot ATI!