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--- Zest ---
02-24-04, 05:45 PM

For some time now I have major trouble with my ASUS GF4 Ti4200 card on EPOX 8K3A mobo. I have run it for about 1 1/2 years without any problem, but now every time I run a game in D3D or OpenGL the system is guaranteed to malfunction. I get:

* crashes to desktop
* crashes to reboot
* crashes with memory errors like:
"The instruction at "0x01d1f6e9" referenced momory at "0x413ab11". The memory could not be "read"."

Now the weird part: it almost always crashes within 2 minutes max., but sometimes it only crashes after a longer time, about 20 mins or so or even longer. I played several hours once without the problem :confused: .

>>This did NOT happen after a driver upgrade or specific change in software, it just started to happen.<<

I tried:
*Reinstalling the card, using different drivers (45.23 and 53.03)
*Reinstalling DirectX 8.1
*Upgrading to DirectX9.0b
*Underclocking the card
*Running low resolution
*Putting an extra fan on the graphics card
*Putting new thermal paste under the GPU cooler
*Testing main RAM
*Testing DirectX
*Testing using 3Dmark, which also randonly crashed
*Several other test suites, but none found anything
*Then I got desperate: so I tried a complete Windows XP reinstall with only the 45.23 driver and DX9.0b
*and I'm sure I've forgotten to list some more things I've tried.

So I conclude:
*It is NOT a heating problem, because the card doesn't even get warm, let alone hot.
*It is NOT a driver problem (or else I would have had problems before).
*It is NOT a BIOS problem (or else I would have had problems before).
*It is NOT an OS problem
*It is NOT a software conflict (since a totally clean Windows malfunctioned as well)

Then I replaced the card with a GF3 Ti200 from a friend, and that card does work well (but slow ;-). So I have a strong suspicion that something is wrong with the onboard RAM of the graphics card.

So my questions are:

:confused: 1) Is there a way to test the onboard RAM on the graphics card? I really can't find any tool on the internet like DocMem e.g, but for graphics cards.

:confused: 2) Does anyone have another idea how to find out for sure that it is the card that's broken?

:confused: 3)Does anyone know something else I can try to get it working again?

I want to be 100% sure it is the card before I go and buy a new one...

Thanks a lot in advance for any advice, becasue it's making me :banghead:!

02-24-04, 06:00 PM
The only way to really find out if it's the card is to put it in another computer and test. Make sure you get a computer that is known to have fully functional components, then swap out the graphics card. If you get the same errors, then you know for sure where the problem lies.

--- Zest ---
02-24-04, 06:15 PM
I wanted to try that, but it doesn't fit into the laptop ;)
But yes that's something I should try at a friend's when I have the time next week.

Thanks for the freakin-fast reply!

Any other suggestions anyone?

02-25-04, 04:31 AM
buddy id say that the ti is dying hardcore mate, ur gonna have to get it replaced.......

02-25-04, 07:39 AM
If you put in the GF3TI and it works perfect, but then you put in the GF4TI and it crashes, it's a good chance your GF4TI is dead.

Try to get an RMA/Warranty replacement from Asus. If that doesn't work, you can buy a refurbished GF4TI4200 for $50, or a new GF4TI4600 for $100, but I would sooner recommend an FX5700NU or higher for you so that you'll be prepared for DX9.

prices from http://www.newegg.com

--- Zest ---
02-26-04, 08:08 AM
I'll put the card into another PC this week and see if it crasheds there too.
If so, I'll get myself a new DX9 card.

tnx 4 your replies!

02-26-04, 10:17 AM
If you do spring for a new card I'd certainly recommend either a 5900XT or an ATI 9800 Pro for the mid-range priced cards.