View Full Version : FX5700NU 256MB - overclockability?

02-25-04, 07:26 PM


These FX5700 256MB cards start at $137us. Definetly an excellent deal if you need more texture space and bragging rights. Now the only question is, how does the memory overclock on them. 250mhz (500mhz effective) is pretty slow by todays standards. Anyone know what the RAM ns speed is on these cards, and/or their overclockability?

I'm not really looking for myself right now, but what to recommend to others and all. Anyone got info on these things?

02-25-04, 08:13 PM
ram like that usually only goes to about 550...bleh...

There is a 2.8ns 256mb 5700nu overseas tho :cool:

02-26-04, 11:11 AM
i should have loked to see my ns ram numbers on my albatron causeit goes way above 550. but with the chaintech's, i would put ramsinks on the ram, since we all know that geforcefx's run warm.