View Full Version : Seagate serial ATA drives late October

10-04-02, 07:29 AM
...according to Pricewatch.

Cool, cool.

10-04-02, 08:42 AM
Are serial ATA drivers going to make a big difference over ATA100/133? The reason I ask is that im hoping to get a new HDD in the next 6months. To use serial ATA I would have to buy an add-in controler card, plus I would gues the higher price of a serial ATA drive, will the extra costs be woth it. My pc use is mostly games, games, some internet, more games and movies.

10-04-02, 09:02 AM
not a major difference, but its just speed improvement, like going from ata66 to ata100. if you just play games its not really that important.

10-04-02, 09:11 AM
K thanks, im still on ATA66 :D my 27.5GB Maxtor must be going on three years now and I need a liitle more storage.

10-04-02, 09:34 AM
I don't know on speed...short answer...
I'm told latency and reliability are much improved
and usability definately is....no more crappy IDE cables or worrying about master/slave crap

10-04-02, 07:24 PM
By the way, the latency thing should help with CPU/pagefile usage and especially in stuff like Dungeon Siege...

thats what I'm thinkin anyway