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meh. its the same old problems that have been known for awhile. Although it looks like the devs aren't too happy about it. There are heaps of problems with FX cards posted there if you look around, here is another (http://discuss.microsoft.com/SCRIPTS/WA-MSD.EXE?A2=ind0402d&L=directxdev&D=1&P=7827) . I'm sure there is some for the R3XX cards too though.

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I didn't even know who they were until I google search the guys email...lol. :D




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Originally posted by Sazar

Hmm, i don't see {Sniping}Waste discussing the "issue" in that thread either. The question is, why did he even bother posting it here if he is not interested?

Come on then, don't be shy little troll boy, discuss game development or what ever this is about. It's your thread after all.
No? Aww.. :cry:

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Im not being a troll but found some info to bring here to inform. The link has some info from some DEVs and not PR. It shows DEVs with real problems with the FX in some area.

many ppl here say all the time that DEVs have no problems and have no limits with the FX so here is some proof that shows thats not so true.

02-27-04, 08:06 AM
Might add this too:

Other people have said that they think the extra 12/16/32 bit fexlibility is better for dev when in fact its giving them some extra headaches. Here is another counter point to that agurement....