View Full Version : PNY 5900SE a 5900 non ultra?

02-26-04, 03:25 PM
I bought a PNY 5900SE the other day and aquamark and the nvidia control panel both report my card as 400/850, while my box say 390/700. My card has a black heatsink that covers the memory chips, and a hairdryer style fan.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Anyone else have a PNY 5900SE they can verify my clock speeds against?

02-26-04, 05:01 PM
according to PNY:
you are suppose to only have 700mhz memory. And it can't be the Ultra version by accident because that has 950mhz memory. It look like you just got lucky :cool:

02-26-04, 05:05 PM
I wonder how many other PNY 5900SE cards are rated at 400/850... I'd hate to recommend one and have them "only" get 390/700...

02-26-04, 06:45 PM
pny are notorious for "mis-boxing" their cards...

Same thing happened with their 4200 64mb cards awhile ago, there were quite a few hot deal threads at several sites where posters were purchasing discounted 64mb cards from BB and CC but in the box were 128mb 8x agp boards.

Wonder if this is just a fluke or if something similar is happening again.

I'm a little curious AcientGamer, where'd you pick the card up ?

02-26-04, 06:51 PM
I picked mine up at CompUSA in Orem, Utah. =)

02-26-04, 06:58 PM
Thanks AC.