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02-26-04, 03:50 PM
US sources close to Nvidia have confirmed that their next generation GPU will feature a full sixteen pipelines – not as previously speculated an 8x2 arrangement - and this is reflected in the increased transistor count of circa 205-210 million, up from a previously speculated 175 million.

Knowing what we know now about NV40 having a full sixteen pipelines, we sensed that despite some fighting talk, and indeed some intelligent and rationalised arguments, ATi are now hoping, at best for a close fight…

NV40 0wnage of ATi R420 coming soon to a store near you?

We sure think so… µ


VERY interesting indeed. :) If it really is true... then it looks like ATi have the inferior product this time round in both features and power...

02-26-04, 03:53 PM
already covered in these threads;



02-26-04, 04:00 PM
My mistake :o