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02-27-04, 10:45 AM
Midway Games has formally announced "Mortal Kombat: Deception", the 6th chapter in the blood-n-guts franchise for release this fall only on the PS2 and Xbox platforms (no GameCube version planned). "Deception" promises an enhanced "Deadly Alliance" fighting engine geared toward more free-style combat, multi-tiered stages complete with their own Fatal hazards, an array of new and past characters with multiple "Fatality" moves each, and .... ONLINE PLAY (Broadband only - no dial-up).

GameSpot is hosting a brief QuickTime Trailer of MK6 thru their DLX Secure Delievery Service ...


... which shows rapid clips of the game in action, confirming the return of Baraka and Mileena right off the bat. But that's not all as I've spotted ninjas of nearly every color of the rainbow ... well, just three colors: Yellow, Blue, and Red. That can only mean Scorpion, Sub-Zero/Frost, and Ermac respectively. Near the end of the trailer, Midway treats us with a traditional "Fatality" demonstration with Scorpion... but, also true to tradition, it fades to black, leaving us to with only gruesome sounds to whet our imaginations. :p

02-27-04, 11:24 AM
Baraka = :thumbsup:
Mileena = :thumbsup:

Sounds like it could rawk. I still have to pick up Deadly Alliance, especially now that it's down to $20 most places.

02-27-04, 11:28 AM
hopefully they will re-surrect liu-kang..

was annoying he wasn't there last time :(

02-27-04, 11:37 AM
Sounds cool! :thumbsup:



02-27-04, 12:13 PM
I never got into these types of games but the idea of smacking saz around is pleasing. :D

02-27-04, 02:28 PM
Originally posted by Sazar
hopefully they will re-surrect liu-kang..

was annoying he wasn't there last time :(

I've yet to play MK: DC *gasp* but you mean to tell me Liu Kang wasn't in it? Its not MK w/o Liu :wtf:

Newayz, glad to hear about the new game. MK2 & 3 are still my favs w/ robot smoke. :kar:

02-27-04, 02:36 PM
Originally posted by |JuiceZ|
I've yet to play MK: DC *gasp* but you mean to tell me Liu Kang wasn't in it? Its not MK w/o Liu :wtf:

Newayz, glad to hear about the new game. MK2 & 3 are still my favs w/ robot smoke. :kar:

he is killed @ teh beginning in a flashback thinger...

real suckie if you ask me but the gameplay was different in DA...

02-27-04, 11:42 PM
The death of Lui Kang in Deadly Alliance was something that needed to happen storywise. And, even though I miss that high pitched SOB, I don't miss him that much. Besides, if you beat Deadly Alliance with Kano, Liu Kang gets some sort of revenge before his spirit departs to the afterlife ... so :p


MK6 Deception isn't the only thing Midway announced in Las Vegas. During one of the presentations, they revealed official word on a sequel to its popular Midway Arcade Treasures. The second classic compilation will feature more recent games than the first, including the original Mortal Kombat, Mortal Kombat II, Mortal Kombat 3, NARC, and Total Carnage. This is set to his all the consoles, most likely.

The reason why MK Deception won't be on the Gamecube is because it's incompatible with Nintendo's plans for online play and Midway's purpose with MK Deception is to re-create the old Arcade atmosphere of yore - human player against a human player. Since arcades are dead, the only logical step was to take it online and the low ping of broadband service makes it practical.

02-27-04, 11:44 PM
Leave it to Psy to give me the heads up on my MK addiction. I'm definately looking forward to both Deception (the trailer looks awesome) and the compilation.

03-06-04, 02:37 PM
GameSpot has an UNCENSORED trailer out! :D

Here's the latest news according to the latest issue of PSM Magazine...

Konquest mode has returned in a much expanded form. Unlike MK Deadly Alliance's Konquest, the new version is much more akin to something out of Grand Theft Auto. You still have to attend the dojo to learn from characters like Bo'Rai Cho, but there are also random encounters and events in the village that can be the clue to secret techniques and other rewards. (You can even beat up hapless villagers for the heck of it). As in MKDA, the goal of Konquest is to learn the combos and strategies of the game. Best of all, Konquest also acts as a create-a-character mode, where you build up a generic monk, gain experiance, and then use him in the other game modes, including online play!

As far as characters go... Nightwolf is indeed confirmed to return in the game as well as Noob Saibot. A surprise, though, comes in the form of Sindel, who, like Nightwolf, is making her first appearance in MK since Mortal Kombat Trilogy (I'm speculating here ... but whenever Sindel shows up, her husband Shao Kahn isn't too far off - perhaps Shang and Quan didn't kill him off in Deadly Alliance afterall?).

New characters include an armored warrior named Hotaru, and the mysterious white-clad woman in the trailer, called Ashrah. If you watched the trailer and spotted a blue ninja sporting a headdress akin to the 16-bit Shinobi, that is in fact Sub-Zero's alt costume! Sadly, not much is revealed about him either. Moreover, it is revealed that the boss in this game is the Dragon King, whose unseen presence figured prominently in the events of MK: Deadly Alliance. Speaking of said events, it is also confirmed that the game takes place in the aftermath of Deadly Alliance.

The gameplay also has been tightened up since the last MK. As before, each character has three fighting stances, though they are barely touched upon in the article. However, the characters are now quicker and easier to move around. In addition to their armed fighting styles, the arenas now have weapons available that can be picked up, and they are more powerful than the characters' standard weapons. Also, stages have what are known as "Death Traps" (aka, stage fatalities), which are red areas in which a stage fatality can be performed. It doesn't say explicitly, yet it sounds as if Death Traps can be used in mid-battle. Other, more minor traps can be present, such as flames and the like. The levels are often huge, taking up multiple levels. An example of one arena was shown in the form of the Netherbelly, which is presumably the interior of the Nethership from MK: Deadly Alliance. This is the arena featuring the swinging corpses, and concept art shows Kenshi being grabbed by them if he gets too close to a wall with people looking through a window. Each character, according to Boon, will have two or more fatalities, and there are even rumours of the long-awaited implementation of "Hara-Kiri" -- in other words, SUICIDE-ALITY!!

Side games? They show that as well. These side games are different from the Test Your Might/Sight of old. The first is a strategy board game akin to chess or Archon, with the kombatants as pieces on a chessboard. Attempting to capture a piece requires the opponents to duke it out a la standard arcade mode. The other game, Puzzle Kombat, is similar to Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo, where small deformed characters have it out in the middle of a Tetris-style puzzle game ...

Lastly, for Nintendo GameCube fans, even though Deception isn't currently being developed for the fledgling system, Midway didn't outrule the possibility of it turning up some time in the future. The reason is because Nintendo hasn't been very forthcoming regarding their online gaming stategy and thus Midway doesn't want to waste time and resources committing to such a project until Nintendo comes clean with their plans (or tossed enough money at Midway for a version sans online play).

03-06-04, 02:48 PM
Whatever happened to Goro? :(

03-06-04, 04:02 PM
A half human dragon. Bloody hell. How drunk would you have to be to sleep with a dragon?!? :p