View Full Version : Got my new Thermaltake Silent Boost

02-28-04, 12:59 PM
Yep, its bloody massive, and very quiet! Quiter than my old stock 2500 HSF too.. Very easy to install, just uses the retention clip.. 41 fins of copper goodness.

Upped my cpu to 2.2ghz straight off, with a bit of extra Vcore voltage for safety, but prime95 kept reporting errors.. Even tried slackening my memory timings, but no difference. Ran mem86 and no problems at all..
Tried Vcore at 1.65, 1.675, and 1.7, but it made no difference.

So I'm currently testing at 2.0ghz, with that cpu interface ?? Option turned off, at stock voltage. So far prime95 is working flawless, cpu is at 48 degrees.

After about another hour I'll try at 2.1ghz, and go from there.. I suppose it's quite likely that my particular Barton 2500 wont hit 2.2. :(

Btw, wasn't just prime95 that failed, 3mark2k1 crashed out repeatedly at that speed too..

Anyone have any similar experiences? Did they manage to fix it?

02-28-04, 02:34 PM
Not anything like that. I have a 2500+ (week 43) and it oc's to 3200+ on stock voltage. Hits 43-45 under full load. 38 idle. Those Silent Boosts are gifts from God. GIFTS FROM GOD! :)

02-28-04, 02:43 PM
Things seem to go going better..
Prim95 has been fine for the last hour at 2.1ghz, @ 1.7Volts. However I turned that cpu interface thingy off in the BIOS, which makes it use more stable params..

Also I'm not running that Abit monitoring tool either, I'm sure that thing is whats giving me grief..

Anyhow, little bit longer, then I'll try back at 2.2

02-28-04, 05:02 PM
Well I just completed the Self test at 2.2ghz, 1.7 volts, cpu interface disabled.

Maximum temp it reached was about 49 degrees.. Nice. Must've been that cpu interface thingy screwing things up..

02-28-04, 09:29 PM
Good to hear.. try a lower voltage if you can. I think i've seen one that needed 1.675 to run completely stable at 2.2GHz, but all others went fine with default. For some reason when overclocking(FSB still at 400MHZ) my corsair is unstable at anything below stock (2,3,2,6) ie, 2,2,2,6 or 2,2,2,5. So either you are luckier than i was, or you may have troubles also. So keep that in mind. But i think i havent tested since i upped the voltage on them.. so perhaps i can run 2,2,2,6 now that i'm using 2.8v.

02-29-04, 05:52 AM
I think my PSU may be underpowering things a little, all the voltages are always lower than what they should be.. Its set to 1.7, but Abit monitor reports about 1.65 ??

I have an Enermax 350.. The one with the fan speed control on it.

I currently set my ram to 2-3-2-6, for some reasons it makes the Energy Core explosion in UT2K4 sound less distorted. Apparently thats the proper speed corsair ram should be anyway, tho www.overclockers.co.uk advertise it at 2-2-2-5. ?

Regarding RAM voltage, its currently set to default, 2.6, but it monitors at 2.58.. If I push it up at all, my system just goes to absolute pot.. even though mem86 checks out.. Very odd.. Unless it didn't like ram at 2.7, with Vcore soo low on default.. I dunno.. I'll never understand pc's.. ;)

Anywho its stable and cool at 2.2.. Might try more when I have the time to do hours of prime95 testing.

02-29-04, 06:01 AM
I get the same thing with v-core.. I have an Antec 480watt True Blue and before i had a 430watt True Power, both the same. I think it's the NF7 undervolting, either that or the voltages are being misreported.

Yeah 2,3,2,6 is default for XMS3200LL. 2,3,3,6 is default for XMS3200. I find it very strange that you get problems upping the voltage, i run with 2.8v or even 2.9v to get this speed fully stable and i have no problems.

1.875v really shows up as 1.85v, so i set to 1.9v and got 1.875:p So i'm reall starting to think the NF7 undervolts by around 0.025v So just set it 0.25v higher. Perhaps this could help hitting 2.2GHz stable, but i had no problems running at 1.65, although it showed up as 1.62-1.63v

02-29-04, 06:31 AM
My MSI board is flaky with voltages too, H/W = 1.65v, 1.7= 1.65~1.75v, 1.8v = 1.75~1.85v.