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03-02-04, 11:18 PM
Hi guys.....hope yu can help
I am running a P4 2.8 with an ASUS P4S8X motherboard and XP Pro. with 1 gig of DDRSDRAM.
Normal start up procedure, after powering up, is a black screen showing details of my BIOS then the next screen shows the ASUS symbol with 2 options "Press Tab to enter POST" and "Press Del to enter set up"
These are always there on the screen, for info purposes I guess. Anyway, normally that screen is showing for a few secs, then we proceed onto screen showing system details etc and then finally XP loads and I am at my desktop.
Last night for some unknown reason, when I get to the ASUS logo screen it just hangs. Nothing appears to be happening. If I hit the reset button on my tower we start the whole process all over again, but when I get to the ASUS logo screen, if I hit TAB ( to enter POST) the normal start up procedures commence and eventually I am at my desktop. I can operate normally i.e. mouse works, keyboard works etc.
I guess its hard for anyone to help without actually sitting in front of my PC and seeing the problem, but if anyone can offer suggestions on the following wud be appreciated:

a) First question of course is, any ideas on what is causing this ??
b) As a short term measure, are there any issues with me hitting the TAB button to enter POST ??

Things appear to be operating normally, so I am wondering if something has changed in the BIOS setup. Should I check in there to see if anything has changed with the boot sequence ??
I have not been playing around with the BIOS by the way and my system is not overclocked

All assistance appreciated


03-03-04, 02:33 AM
Hi there
Now this is bizarre.....just powered up after coming home from work and all is fine. Very strange.

-=Gib-McFragger yu may be right about a bug in the BIOS. Might be time to update

cheers and thanks for responding