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03-03-04, 09:32 AM
hello i need your help,

i have a crached server and need the data of the hdd.
they are write in ntfs and so i need a new driver for the controller.
it is a ICP vortex gdt6520.
the driver must work under W2k or Windows XP.
My driver from Windows NT dos´t work under W2k or XP, or i don´t know how i can use him.
plase help me.

03-03-04, 09:56 AM

Check the bottom of this page.

Older products , PCI 2.0 compatible (delivery before 1997 - firmware and driver final, no longer hotline support) These controllers DON'T work together with newer mainboards or operating systems.Now that's some good customer support. :rolleyes:

03-03-04, 11:09 AM

i have test all drivers from this page. they dos´t work.
The System was work for long time under W2k server.
Now it´s crashed and i need the driver to recover windows and read the information of the HDD.

03-03-04, 05:32 PM
You never did a system backup?

03-03-04, 08:32 PM
If the data was in a RAID-0 array you're screwed. Speed comes at the cost data protection. If you learned one thing out of this it's, backup, backup, backup.

03-03-04, 08:49 PM
yes it is a f... raid 0 system. it isn´t from me. when i have building this system i have build a raid 5 or higher. :angel:

the backup of the system is defect too. :mad :
it was made one day bevor the big system crash.
still at the time when the backup runs, every one work on the server.
it isn´t my mistake. i have still tell them how they can backup the system.
but noboddy listen me. and now i have the total desaster.:confused:

too recover the system i need now a working driver. the raid 0 is ok
i have read it out at dos and windows NT. But i can´t read or repair the defect data because they are write in ntfs from windows2k.