View Full Version : nforce2 question.

10-05-02, 06:36 AM
I'm thinking of upgrading my pc, but I need to do it in stages cos of the cost.

I'm thinking of getting an nforce2 board, but would I still be able to use my Athlon Thunderbird processor in it, till I can get a new one?

Also is the nforce2 board compatible with the clawhammer when it comes out?


10-05-02, 08:06 AM
Yes, the NForce2 uses a SotA config for the cpu, so yes. I think that you will need to upgrade your memory though, as I dont think any NForce boards will support SDR RAM only DDR.

10-05-02, 08:45 AM
Yeah sure, thats not a problem.

I should get some speed increase from going to some high speed DDR. Then later I can plug in a athlonxp/barton 2800+ or maybe a clawhammer if it works.

10-05-02, 11:52 AM
AthlonXP/Barton cpu's yes, as for hammer, im pretty sure that they are chaging the format, the cpu looks more like a P4 and uses alot more pins on the underneath if im not mistaken?