View Full Version : 5 button mouse drivers for Win9x

10-05-02, 08:58 AM
win9x dows not seem to have more than 3 button support and the drivers I have for my mouse makes games think its a 2-button mouse with even a wheel.

Help please??:confused:

10-05-02, 09:08 AM
try using the drivers of another mouse..might work. like a microsoft intellimouse.

10-05-02, 12:25 PM
Details of which mouse it is that you are using would be of some help!!I know with my intelliexplorer, you need to assign the buttons keys like cntrl, alt etc to be able to use them in games, do you not have anything like that with your drivers?

10-05-02, 04:14 PM
I have an optic mouse of some unfamiliar company...
on the mouse it says "KeyMouse" and there is a reference to a website for drivers download: www.333.co.tw (was cheap and worth it ):cool:

I'll try those MS drivers now thanks...write soon...

10-05-02, 05:28 PM
nope:( The intellimouse prog only detects 3 buttons...
I need those 2 extra buttons for games, like for leaning or looking left and right and stuff. I also got used to the browser back and forward which are asigned by default on XP

so I guess its time to go back to using XP

10-06-02, 09:17 PM
Your mouse should have an FCC ID printed somewhere on either it or the packaging the mouse came in. Go to the FCC web site and enter in the number - it should spit back the maker of the product. Then you should be able to go to the manufacturer's web site and download appropriate drivers for it.

10-07-02, 10:46 AM
I tried The FCC website but couldnt find anything.
the mouse has the FCC logo on it, the product code and the only other code dont come up in the product search so...
The driver on the mentioned website works but not in games, and it does not show any information on manufacturer

I realy appreciate your suggestions guys but I think I'll just stick to XP from now. My system is multiboot anyways