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03-05-04, 06:31 PM
i got my evga 5900se today, and it was defaulted at 400/700. which is great, and i got it up to 475/860. this is fabuluos. but one thing.. if i flash the bios.. will it make a difference? if i'm not gonna see a performance difference then i mayt not mess with iut. also, with my long-lost 5700NU, it would be OC'ed and it would hurt performance. i am guesing its cause i had the GPU higher than it was intended. well, mine is at ultra levels, so.. i have an ultra card. besides the memory being 2.8

03-05-04, 07:02 PM
damn a 160 mhz memory Overclock..

03-05-04, 07:18 PM
Seeing that your card can run that fast, you may benefit from flashing it to a 5950. What the flash will do is up the GPU core voltage from 1.4v to 1.6v, which should help run at higher speeds. Since your already at 475 mhz you know this will work ok.

The 5950 flash will also relax the memory timings. This will allow the memory to clock higher, however even with your overclock it is unknown whether the memory will run at 950 mhz, which is stock speed for a 5950.

You could try the flash, and if memory has problems then underclock it till it works ok. Or you could just do it the way your doing it now without flash.

I dont know what to advise you as there is some risk. If you get no video at post you would have to put PCI VGA card in or do blind flash back to your original bios. In any event, you can reflash your card back to the original bios, its just that you may have the added expense of buying something like a GF4 MX PCI card. Luckily they are not much money.

According to eVGA's website you have 2.8 ns memory. I doubt you can run that at 950 mhz. Some people have been successful tho so I guess you never know. Kinda amazed you got it as high as you did now :)

03-05-04, 07:26 PM
could you guys poiint me in the direction of where to get the bioses and what program to use the flash and all that stuff. i'll give it a try

03-05-04, 07:34 PM
Yeah, check the nv35@nv38 thread :p

Good luck with the bios flash, I flashed mine twice, and it didnt make any difference on my card. I did have my core higher than what I use, but when loading Unreal2, it would crash, yet all benchmarking programs ran fine. If you can run the core @ 475 100% stable, thats really great, but dont expect much more, if any from the ram. I am running my ram @ 950, but thats because my 5900XT came with 2.2ns ram chips.

Overall, you have a nice OC there, and the card should run nicely :thumbsup:

03-06-04, 12:57 AM
okay, smokey, so i am :wtf: this close to flashing the bios to an evga 5950, but do you think i wiont see much more?

and i thought it was odd, that my card is an SE but i came with the GPU clocked at 400. and would my pc see it as a device labled 5900SE? or just 5900?