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03-05-04, 10:10 PM
Well, I have been given another card of this exact type in a computer that I bought to put together for my network. This particular card was purchased through m-wave roughly around July of '03, is now on its second owner (but for a very short time, so long as I can get this traded) it comes with the same stuff, it's not a retail it's an OEM card. I also checked the RAM and it is the infineon 3.3. I haven't tried over clocking, previous owner said he didn't overclock it either.

Seeing as to how good my results were last time, up for grabs is another one! For a straight up buy I'll take 160, I'll throw in a cd with the current drivers, some 3D demos from ATI's site (Pipe dreams, chimp, some misc DX9 demos) and the full retail version of ut2k3 (I have ut2k4 now, I didn't butcher the box or manual of ut2k3 for the rebate either, and the CD key should work for you). Comes with:
The 9700 non pro powercolor card (128MB Infineon 3.3ns RAM)
The DVI adapter
S-video cable
Composite adapter
Molex power connectors
Original catalyst cd
Mixed cd burned with current catalyst drivers and a collection of ATI's demos
boxed retail version of ut2k3 with mint condition cd's

The reasons for my wanting to unload this card are identical to the last card I unloaded. If you want further explanation, scroll down. Thanks for looking!

I'm looking to sell my 9700 (non pro 128MB) due to my Linux usage. ATI hasn't really ever released a "good" linux driver, and I'm looking for some solutions.

Mostly interested in a straight trade.

My 9700 is a 128MB non pro by powercolor, in excellent condition with some dust buildup on the fan that I clean regularly. I don't have the box, but have everything it came with which includes the cables, DVI adapter, manual, and composite adapter.

This will also include a cd burned with some demos, the latest catalyst drivers, and an RtCW retail copy. (Not bootlegged, but with a valid cd key that I have never used online, and this is in mint condition).

I'm to the point to where you make an offer, or a trade proposal, and if it's sweet enough I'll bite. Nothing less than a 5700 though.

On ebay I have an excellent feedback profile, and if someone wants to buy it through ebay, I will see about setting up a buy it now auction to facilitate that as a quick transaction if that's preferrable.


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Sorry for not listing the price, $170. But that is negotiable based on who's interested.

03-06-04, 07:53 AM
how much for a straight up BUY of this card? :)

03-06-04, 10:36 AM
To explain the "What are you NUTS?!?!?" emails.

I use Linux, I only use Windows occasionally, and for what I use Windows for does not warrant much. I thought ATI's Linux driver support would improve but I was VERY incorrect.

Their latest Catalyst for Windows is great, and this is a great WINDOWS card. I don't want Windows, and I don't even like Windows. I'm a Gentoo user who's tried everything to get better than 35 fps in UT2k3/4 can't play Savage above 20 fps, and am just FED UP. I look at my GeForce3 perform better in some cases and just quite disgusted and feel ripped off. I paid for PERFORMANCE that I didn't get, while it runs great in Windows though. Don't believe me on the Linux issues? Look at the discontent in the community.

For a list of issues

My personal favorite out of that one:
Currently known issues


Problem : Bad performance
Applications Affected : All 3D apps
Cards Affected : All
Versions : All Kernels, All XFree, All driver - 3.7.0 in particular
Distributions : All
Impact : High, All Users
Workaround :


Then look here at their latest release:


As you can see, I made a huge mistake investing in ATI based on my demographic. Hence I want to just swap for an nVidia card or sell then use the money to get one.

I'm also a beta tester for ATI's linux driver development, or soon about to NOT be testing....if that means anything.

03-06-04, 02:31 PM
Heh, wow, that is a pretty alarming "issue". Well, I did PM you an offer, but I'm not sure if it's what you're looking for or not. But I just figured I'd give you the option.

03-08-04, 06:03 AM
i'm jumping on this boat. but we already know what i've got going. <crossing fingers>:afro2:

03-28-04, 02:29 PM
Hey man I have an evga 5900se for trade. Talk to me on aim: patton308

04-20-04, 06:13 PM
bump, see update