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03-06-04, 06:27 PM
Warning! Developer related stuffs ahead.

*** drumroll ***

Would you like to see running a ray tracing program entirely in the GPU?
Try out the FX Composer and its shader gallery!


"FX Composer empowers developers to create high performance shaders in an integrated development environment with unique real-time preview & optimization features. FX Composer was designed with the goal of making shader development and optimization easier for programmers while providing an intuitive GUI for artists customizing shaders for a particular scene. FX Composer comes with dozens of sample projects, performance tutorials, and more than 120 sample shaders. It supports all the standard features you would expect in an integrated development environment for high performance shaders:

1. CREATE your shaders in a high powered development environment
2. DEBUG your shaders with visual shader debugging features
3. TUNE your shader performance with advanced analysis and optimization"

Warning! Very high quality stuffs ahead. :thumbsup:

This way (http://developer.nvidia.com/object/fx_composer_home.html) please! (salute)

03-10-04, 11:06 AM
Wow OWA, your post has disappeared! Didn't you like the ray tracing demo or what? ;)

03-10-04, 12:49 PM
Yeah, I liked playing around with it and it's a pretty cool program. I also showed it to a few friends at work that actually know how to use it properly and they've enjoyed playing around with it as well. :)

As far as my post, I've slowly been deleting my online personas since I'm starting to get frustrated and have started taking things too personally. Deleting my posts probably seems strange but as long as I have posts floating around out there I feel compelled to check the threads and there's a greater chance I'll respond. I hope to go back to mainly lurking.

Did it throw you off seeing your post as the last one after mine was for a while? If so, sorry 'bout that.

Edit: BTW, are you in the photograph or in the room in the scene with the glass solider? There are people in the room and there's also what looks like a group photo behind the sculpture but I can't make out any details.