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10-05-02, 03:36 PM
I have an Asus GF4 TI4600 Deluxe and am using new Asus dets 31.00A. Using coolbits, Ive enabled Clock Frequencies & VSync settings...but I see no option to control Anisotropic Filtering for Direct3D, only for OpenGL. So I have two questions:

1. Do Nvidia ref dets 30.xx include the D3D Aniso option?

2. Is there any way I can enable this option by editing the registry?

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance!

10-05-02, 03:42 PM
search for rivatuner at guru3d.com, you can use that program to edit AF and other geforce settings. i forgot about the det 30.xx but for sure the det 40 have d3d aniso option.

10-05-02, 03:55 PM
Thanks for the quick reply. I was hoping to add that option manually without using a 3rd party utility. I know NVMax would add some "hidden" options (Clocks, VSync) to your Display Properties as well as making them directly editable thru itself. So Im wondering if I can add the D3D Aniso feature manually, or if not, does Riva also enable those options in the Display Properties when installed (like NVMax did), or must you use Riva itself to adjust them?

10-05-02, 04:02 PM
nah u can't manually add them to the display properties, ad riva turners doesn't enable the af into the display properties, you gotta use riva to adjust it, unless you want to switch to det 40.

10-05-02, 04:09 PM
Got it. Thanks again!

As long as we're on the subject, I always used NVMax before. Now its not being updated, plus Ive changed mobo, processor, video card, OS, etc., and cant get it to work right.

So question is: which utility to use now? Is Riva the best in your opinion?

The Baron
10-05-02, 04:59 PM
Go with Riva. I swore by NVMax for a while, but then progress on it stopped. I gave Riva a spin, and it was fantastic...

10-05-02, 05:14 PM
yup, if you had to pick one i would go with riva.

however, i heard they are working on nvmax again, if a new version was ever released i'd switched to it in a heartbeat.

for me however, i use a combination of geforcetweakutility, rivatuner, and nvhardpage. geforcetweakutility allows you to edit agp options, and enable 256burst. rivatuner has the best anistropic options, because it has a speed tweaked aniso. nvhardpage is just simple to use.