View Full Version : Jester2K Detonator 30.xx To 40.xx Control Panel Fix

10-05-02, 03:51 PM
Thanks to Xp-erience.org for founding this tool developed by Jester2K! so all you peeps that have been sending me emails saying How Do I fix the Control Panel in Detonator 40.xx !Here's the Tool.

Tool for removing the elements of the Detonator 30.xx drivers that conflict with the 40.xx drivers. Usage Tip: -

Uninstall the current Detonator Drivers first, then reboot, cancel any attempt by Windows to reinstall the drivers and then run this program. Then install the new Detonators.


10-06-02, 02:36 AM
The dll probem thats has occured since 40.71 is nothing to do with any other program. To test this i've did a clean install and put these drivers on 1st thing, nothing else.
The result......


so it is a nvidia driver problem, this should (if they want the WHQL cert) get fix soon and is 1 reason why there still beta. I still use them cuz there faster for me than the other 40x range and i just use rivatuner to do everyting and more that the control panel would give me