View Full Version : AWARD Boot BIOS won't Boot!!!

03-07-04, 02:54 AM
Ok, as some of u may know, i work at a computer store...

Someone bought a Mercury KNU400X-L (The same as mine) and attempted to flask the BIOS....however, there is not BIOS upgrade for this board, it uses a NVIDIA NForce 2 Ultra Chipset.

Now when it boots it comes up with the AWARD Boot BIOS, which (i expect) is to allow you to reflash the BIOS if u screw it up.....

I also have a backup of this BIOS so that i can reflash it....

After that it asks for a Boot (System) Disk, so i give it one, it reads the floppy disk and then....NOTHING...

I have tried 3 different Boot Disks ( Win98, ME and XP) and nothing works....is there an AWARD Boot Disk that i need, ive been looking for the last half hour and can't find anything about it!

Has anybody had this problem before??? and fixed it???

03-07-04, 08:12 AM
To be honest I was under the impression that if you bork the bios completely like that you have to basically get a new bios chip and install it.

03-07-04, 08:23 AM
like i said, i assume that that is what that boot bios is for, it dosnt do any of the other things that the comp normally does when it boots......just asks for a boot disk.......

unfourtunatley the manual doesn't say anything about that boot bios thing, so im not sure.....i searched the net, found someone that fixed it by "letting his computer cool down" so i don't know!!!

03-07-04, 01:30 PM
Are you able to get in the Bios and adjust setting so you can make the cdrom your first boot. or can you get to the a: command promt and force flash the new bios update.

03-07-04, 03:14 PM
Try replacing the AWDFLASH.COM file with version 8.23Z ...


Make sure your the AUTOEXEC.BAT on the recovery floppy reads like this ...

awdflash <bios>.bin /cc /cd /cp /py /sn /cks /r

AWDFLASH 8.23Z usually fixes "Source File Not Found" errors. However, you may still get an error that says "The program file's BIOS lock string does not match with your system!" If that happens, try an AUTOEXEC.BAT file with just this line ...

awdflash <bios.bin> /tiny