View Full Version : Quadro4 900 problem, problem with Norton Ghost under DOS

03-07-04, 02:58 AM

I have a quadro4 900 (genuine, not hacked) which is connected to CRT (ViewSonic E773) via a DVI-VGA adapter. It has broken image with the graphic interface of Norton Ghost under DOS. No character shows up on the bottons on screen. When I move the mouse, the image gets erased as if I use the eraser in Photoshop. No image problems with Windows/Linux, or even with the graphic interface of PQ Magic under DOS. I don't have LCD so cannot test the digital output. Has anyone encountered the same problem?

My computer is:
Dell Precision 620 BIOS A10
Dual Pentium III Xeon 1.0 G
i840 with 512M PC-800
Quadro 4 900 XGL AGP-4x with 128MB aperture size
AIC-7899G with Fujitsu 18G 10000 rpm Ultra 160
Crystal CS-4614 on board
3Com 3C-920 NIC

03-09-04, 01:28 AM
Unfortunately most of us either can’t afford a Quadro or have any use for it. Also you might get more of a response if you place this in the Workstation Graphics Cards forum. Hay ragejg do some work… :D