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03-07-04, 04:00 PM
Has anybody used the "doublescan" feature in the new windows drivers (5303) ? Under the "Display Timing" menu there is a checkbox that says "Enable doublescan for lower resolution modes." If you right click on it and do the "What's This?", it describes the feature in a little popup box. I've tried enabling it, but any time I try to goto a lower resolution mode to see what its like, my monitor says freq out of range, and powers down.

I've tried with a couple different computers and monitors I own with no success, so was wondering if anybody else has see it in action, and if there is any noticable improvement.


03-12-04, 12:49 AM
Doublescan essentially doubles the output resolution for lower resolutions. You notice at lower resolutions a monitor usually isn't as bright and you can see gridlines sort of like scanlines all over the screen? Doublescan eliminates these lines by rendering 640x480 @ 1280x960. However, there is a problem with nVidia's refresh rate detection with doublescane because it will try to do the doublescanned resolution at the lower resolution's highest supported refresh rate. Let's say your monitor can do 150hz at 800x600, but your monitor can only do 85hz at 1600x1200, nVidia's doublescan will try do the doublescaned 800x600 (really 1600x1200 at 150hz) resulting in a out of range signal.

To get doublescan to work you need to use a tool such as reforce and lock your lower resolutions at the refresh rates supported at double the resolution. So for the example above you would lock 800x600 at 85hz.