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10-06-02, 12:15 AM
The latest issue (November) of PSM Magazine has a huge cover story on the return of Mortal Kombat to the gaming systems near you, and it's look to compete directly with Soul Calibur in terms of visuals, gameplay, and in replay value.

The latest build has all the gravy included and some new characters, such as Bo Rai Cho, Hsu Hao Kahn, Frost, and the debut of a new sub-boss - a vampire chick named Nitara.

The design team has states that 2 hidden characters are in so far, one of them being brand spanking new and Ed Boon's only hint was that it's a fighter from a background in MK2 (which means this is probably either one of the Shadow Priests or perhaps the dude in flames in the background of the "Pit II" stage).

MK Deadly Alliance also sports "Konquest" mode, which is simular to the single-player mission based modes found in Soul Edge and Soul Calibur. Completing these missions rewards you with "Kurrency" which can used for wagering in a 2-player game (yes - your Kurrency is part of your gamesave) or to unlock over 600 crypts that could contain sketches, renders, weapons, stages, extra characters and outfits, or nothing at all. Boon has said that unlockings all 676 crypts results in a "big surpize" and something tells me this "surprize" is going to pay off (don't hold me to this but I'm predicting that the "surprize" is none other than emulated Arcade versions of MK1 & MK2 - FINALLY!!

PSM seems stoked about the game, which is only 46 days away! :cool:

Until then, here's something to drool over...

Introducing the new look to Reptile!! :D


Look Ma!! ONE HAND!! :p :p


Lots of more pics in the November issue of PSM Magazine!

10-06-02, 12:21 AM
wow that brings back so many memories of hanging at the arcades with lines to play mortal kombat. even though their fuzzy it looks pretty sweet, especially reptile. too bad i don't have a console :(. did it have any mention of coming to the pc?

10-06-02, 01:16 AM
Ahhhh glad to see I'm not the ONLY guy still hanging onto that shred of MK hope :) I've always been a BIG fan... even though the latter of the series sucked hard, I think DA will pick up the pace quite a bit... and yes Sy I DO hope it's perfect arcade translations of MK1 and 2!!!
mmmmmMMMMMMMOOOOOOOOOrrrrrrtAAAAAAALLLLL kkkkkkOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOmmmmmmmmmbbbAAAAAAAAATTTTTTTT TT!!!!!!!!! (100% without a doubt the commercial for the console ports of MK2 rocked my donkey's socks)

10-06-02, 03:28 AM
Personally, I don't know what to think. I've seen the PSM article and the 4 Fatalities they show...let's just thank the folk at PSM for officially naming Shang Tsung's fatality because they picked the right term: Bloody Popcorn . Afterwards, he steals your soul as further insult. It's the best looking one they show pics of.

Sonya's is runner up and Jax's fatality is severely lacking something. It's not blood, oh no. Jax doesn't fail in that department at all. What he does leaves a really huge, bloody smear on the ground right about where Rayden's head should've been! It reminds me of those days when I was kid and one of my sisters would forget to flush the toilet after taking care of their personal once-a-month business, if you catch my drift. But it's missing brain tissue and busted cranium shavings.

Subzero, on the other hand (no pun intended) is basically rehasing Kano's skeleton pluck from MK3 with only one difference - Subby does it from behind. Kano yanked his skeleton from the mouth but ole Subby here seems to be ripping his from Scorpion's ass cavity. :D Then again...maybe it's the small of the back...hard tellin!

I'm mixxed. I'm partly let down, but the other part of me hopes that with the other 20 characters, they can pull off something nice and gruesome. Midway needs a sick, demented, sado like me because I'd have Kano reaching into Sonya's supple belly and justa yanking yards upon yards of intestine out! Why not? Hey - if I'm working on a game I know for sure it'll be rated "M" for Mature, might as well not have any bounderies when it comes to depicting death scenes, right? If John Carmark doesn't, why should I?!? :p

Anyway, back to Kano - when he feels he has enough "rope", he loops it around her scrawny blond headed neck and strings her up with it! :eek: Aw, what a way to go - to dangle in the wind hanging from the rafters by your own freaking guts. Beautiful! Absolutely, abysmally...beautiful!

Welp, I gotta run. Sen. Lieberman is knocking at my door and he's not alone - he's got these strange people dressed in white clinical uniforms with him. I'll be back later as soon as I can break free from the asylum! :p

10-16-02, 10:50 PM
Yes, another update and this one has a side order of gravy!! :p

Ladies & gentlemen, boys and girls, children of all ages - Midway Games proudly presents to you...a slew of downloadable MPEG videos!! :D

Among these vids are a "behind the scenes" clip of the making of MKDA and a historical look at the Mortal Kombat legacy. But that's not all! We are also given an MPEG of a "Fatality" teaser (and it does indeed TEASE) and...actual in-game footage of this brutal badboy in action!!

Midway's servers are under some stress but the vids are worth the wait! I was able to snag some of them at 24-50K a second. :D

Finally...the GAME in action!! (http://makeashorterlink.com/?A2EE43822)

Click the above to be redirected to the mayhem in short order!

MKDA explodes in less than 40 days!! :cool:

10-23-02, 06:11 PM
no man no port for PC:mad: so **** them

10-23-02, 06:21 PM
NOOOOO!!! Reptile was my favourite MK character!!!! Why does he look like my dead iguana now!!! noooo!!!:eek: :( :D

10-23-02, 08:17 PM
sub-zero is my all time favourite character.

Reptile... can go eat bugs.

Hail Mr. COOL:D

10-23-02, 08:25 PM
sub zero ownz..specially the one with the mask

10-24-02, 03:37 AM
Robot Smoke from MK3. MK1 is still my favorite though. Remember WEEKS of looking for Ermac on the Genesis. :D
Ah....good times *sigh*


*EDIT* Crap in a hat!! site must be down. AARRRUUGGHHH!!! I'm in a no-MK HELL!!!!!

10-25-02, 11:16 AM
I let Serath snag something pretty earlier through PM and now, I'll let you folks take a gander at it - but hurry - I'll pull it later this afternoon.


Inside this directory is a 4MB MPEG video of Johnny Cage. Apparently the actor isn't a doctor but likes play one on TV, and decides to improve his medical practicing skills on Scorpion. Unfortunately, Cage ends up pulling off A LOT MORE than just brain surgery. :p

It's a good vid and worth the price of Scorpion's scream!

Also, some news...

- I've got it on good authority that MK Deadly Alliance will be DEEPER than Tekken 4 and VF 4. Every character has retained 3-4 of their trademark moves. After that, they have to rely on their 3 fighting styles - 2 Martial Arts and 1 Weapon style - for victory. But this is where is gets pretty - each character has a combined movelist of 70-100 moves at their disposal!! That figure includes their trademark moves, those moves outlined in their fighting styles, and reversals, too. That's a lot of ways to administer some punishment and it seems Midway is intent on knocking Soul Calibur 2 out of the water.

- I've been told that each character has 2 Fatalities, which is a Kombat standard, however, you only get to start off with 1 Fatality. You have to unlock the second one from the Krypt with the coins you earn.

- MK DA has taken a page from Killer Instinct. When a round is over, there's no fade to black before the next round. The loser falls over, the announcer praises the winner, and then the loser is given 3-5 seconds to scrape themself from the arena floor to continue the next round FROM THE EXACT SPOT. There's no ring outs (invisible walls are there ala Tekken 4) so if you are cornered to an extent and lose, you begin Round 2 cornered as well. Any physical damage to your fighter from round 1 carries over to round 2, also. I saw one vid where Sub Zero ran his sword threw Scorpion, skewering him. Blood just poors out of the wound and the life meter slowly wanes as a result. Subby then done a vicious combo to win round 1. As Round 2 began, Scorpion rises...with the sword STILL in his gullet!! It looks freakin' nice!!

- A Babbage's manager told me that their database says MK DA ships on November 18th. Usually, that means they will have it for sale the next day. I told her about the "Fatality Friday" promo Midway is launching for the game's release (Nov 22nd) and asked if she planned on holding onto them for 4 days. She said, "My job is to sell product, not withhold it. I've been here 4 years so I must be doing a good job! Besides, our competition usually breaks the rules anyway and we're sick of getting burned. A $50 game isn't worth handling possible cancellations and complaints from customers in scenarios such as that - especially not in THIS economy and during the Christmas shopping season! No, if we get it on the 19th, we'll be calling you to pick it up on the 19th."

If only other software store managers had this attitude...!!! :D :p

10-25-02, 11:28 AM
Originally posted by sebazve
no man no port for PC:mad: so **** them

All previous MK games hit the consoles first. A PC version usually follows 6 months or more down the road because the PC just isn't a fighting game friendly medium and it's tougher for games of this genre to make a decent turnaround.

It's still possible. Usually after 6-8 months, a PC port does surface as Midway mostly contracts Point Of View, Probe or Avalanche to handle the PC ports.

10-25-02, 02:58 PM
Originally posted by PsychoSy
All previous MK games hit the consoles first. A PC version usually follows 6 months or more down the road because the PC just isn't a fighting game friendly medium and it's tougher for games of this genre to make a decent turnaround.

It's still possible. Usually after 6-8 months, a PC port does surface as Midway mostly contracts Point Of View, Probe or Avalanche to handle the PC ports.

the last thing i heard they were not even interested...who knows time will tell i hope they realease it.. But also i hope they dont make a crappy port like MK4, which sucks so much . MK2 port for pc was the best so far. They have no execuse now PC have all the power they need..

10-25-02, 06:23 PM
actually the mk4 port for pc was pretty well done..not hiccups i remember playing it in glorious 3d wth 2xaa on a geforce 256 with the det 6.50 or something.

The Baron
10-25-02, 06:34 PM
It'd be cool if it has online support...

but online fighting games could be a big pile of eeeehhhh considering the emphasis on button-mashing and reflexes.

10-25-02, 06:37 PM
it would be really bleh...people would just be using macros for everything.

10-25-02, 09:41 PM
Originally posted by =SSC=The Baron
...but online fighting games could be a big pile of eeeehhhh considering the emphasis on button-mashing and reflexes.

No, the biggest hurdle is the ping issue. Ed Boon and the crew would really like to implement online play but it's just not feasible until low-latency, low-ping, internet service has a huge saturation rate.

Oh, and for those of you that want to check out some movies of MK Deadly Alliance in action, check this out. Lotsa goodies here!