View Full Version : GeForce 5900 problems

03-08-04, 05:45 PM
When I start games like UT2K4 Demo, C&C Generals and Spellforce the computer hangs for 20-30 secs, then the graphics show up with very strange colors. Then I Alt-tab out and in and everything is fine, and the game runs without any problems. But when it loads a new level in UT2K4 or generals, I have to alt-tab out and in to get it to play fine. Then sometimes when I try to load or save games the computer freezes until I tab out and in, and sometimes it freezes altogether or rebooting.

All this started after I changed my 4200Ti with an 5900XT, I've tried re-installing everything also OS.

System specs
MSI Delta-L nForce2 bios 5.6 (newest)
2100+ Athlon
2*512Mb DDR Corsair
Club3D 5900XT 128Mb 56.56 Det (Tried 44.03 as well)
SB Audigy

Win XP pro

Bios settings
Video Ram Cachable (tried on/off)
Fastwrites (tried on/off)
AGP aperature size 128Mb

03-08-04, 06:34 PM
No O/C, No AA or FSAA, newest nForce, 420W PSU, DX9.0b
The strange thing is that it only happens when the level/save game loads after tabing out and in it runs fine until I try to save or load something. And my HDD is well functioning.

03-08-04, 07:35 PM
Try the 53.03 drivers from the website dude. See what happens. I have read some ppl with problems with the newer drivers ie 56.XX

Try the card on someone (a friends?) computer to see if it happens theer too. If it does you have a dud card.

If not, your setup is wonky a bit.