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03-09-04, 03:41 AM
Ok so my friend gave me back my MSI G3 Ti200 cause it didnt work in his puter for some reason so i threw it in my old rig and it worked ,i originally didnt buy the card new so it didnt come with all them nice instalation CD's and utilities and whatnot so i never really fidled with that but i was reading a review about it and this screen cought my atencion , somin called "3D! Turbo Monitor 2001" that shows the cards temp-voltage-fan speed and beeps when somin is not functioning rite on it ,now i dont have that and would reeeeeeeeeally apresiate if someone can give me a link for me to instal it and O/C the card safer.
Ohh and i did go to msi.com and they only have this Turbo experience one that i did instal but it didnt work for some reason cause its too new or somin i dunno so if anyone still has the original CD with the proggy then please send it to me on MSN or if its small enough post it here.
Heres the review and the pic that made me go:eek: :P

I have a MSI G3Ti200 Pro-VT by the way if that helps(pic below)


03-09-04, 11:32 AM
I might have it (if I still have my old MSI GF3ti200 driver disc).

Let me look. I will get back to you.

03-09-04, 11:37 AM
Yeah, I got it. What's your e-mail? It's 1.8mb.

03-09-04, 11:52 AM
You have a PM Nick:)